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March 15, 2018

5 Things To Consider with Shock and Awe Stunts and Marketing Campaigns

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In 2018 it’s safe to say that American culture more than ever, accepts the behavior, imagery and language that was once considered taboo in the past. Brand marketing strategies are following suit with increasingly provocative brand content and marketing campaigns. Shock and Awe Stunts and Marketing Campaigns can be an awesome way to convey a […]

March 7, 2018

Unique Technologies To Integrate Into Your Next Event

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Consumer engagement has been moving from traditional advertising and commercials to new digital and experiential methods of advertising products and services. In today’s post we’re going to explore the new, unique, and emerging technologies and strategies that brands and marketers should consider utilizing. Integration of Twitch into Experiential Campaigns Being that this is a video […]

March 6, 2018

Do You Want to Win Over Customers? Appeal to Their Emotions with Experiential Marketing

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Let’s be honest. None of us are fundamentally rational in our decision making when it comes to shopping. Flashy gimmicks, big signs, bright colors and loud noise have been the typical go-to for brands hoping to narrow customer decisions in retail. How does irrational shopping mix with the growth of retail data-driven marketing?   Data […]

March 2, 2018

Story Telling: How Experiential Marketing Crafts Brand Narrative

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Many people ask what’s so effective about Experiential Marketing? Consumers crave experiences. They don’t want to be told what to do. They want to learn on their own. Experiential Marketing gives brands an opportunity to show consumers how they’re going to enjoy their products   When a brand can thoughtfully and seamlessly intercept a consumer’s […]

February 26, 2018

10 Ways Experiential Marketing Can Benefit Your Company

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Experiential Marketing can be an excellent tool for engaging with consumers. Great experiences create unique impressions among consumers. Why not create a more engaging and interactive campaign that actively includes your customer in your marketing? Here are 10 ways Experiential Marketing can benefit your company. 1.) Experiential Marketing generates and curates content for your brand […]

February 20, 2018

What Can Bourbon Teach You About Experiential Marketing?

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Experiential Marketing works extremely well for brands that can’t tell consumers about their product. Certain things just have to be seen, tasted, smelled, heard or felt to truly understand or to be believed. These are the details that can easily be missed in a traditional marketing campaign. You can’t simply tell consumers how great your […]

February 15, 2018

Why Nostalgia Marketing Works So Well, And How Your Brand Can Benefit

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Why Nostalgia Marketing Works So Well Nostalgia is in all of us. As the years go by we all develop a certain degree of nostalgia. Games we may have played, maybe it was the smell of the food, or the music we listened to. They all make us feel something. Why Nostalgia Marketing Works So […]

February 13, 2018

How Music Helps Shape Positive Experiences with Consumers

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It’s likely you don’t need me to tell you that music has the power to create profound experiences. It can cure pain, take you back, or completely make or break a party. But some experiences are just more memorable than others. THIS IS HOW REAL MEMORIES GET FORMED   Nothing truly comes quite as close […]

February 9, 2018

How to Turn Customers into Brand Advocates

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Every day, fresh, new ideas are formed, companies are launched, however most of them fail. Then again, you don’t want to be like most.One way is to focus on more than simply acquiring customers. Instead, you could identify ways to turn some of those customers into your loyal brand advocates. Customers are smart, and they […]

January 30, 2018

How To Promote Your Event On Facebook

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Facebook, the 1.7 billion person social network. Naturally, this is an obvious choice for promoting your next event or pop-up shop. Facebook can be an excellent way to promote your event but it won’t just do all the work for you. Marketers and brands need to learn how to promote events on facebook, before all […]

January 11, 2018

Mission Critical: The Event Attendee Hierarchy of Needs

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Whether or not you took Event Psychology in your college days you probably heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a theory of the human motivations model proposed by A. Maslow. Essentially it states that human needs are arranged in a hierarchy, starting with basic needs to survival and progressing to self-actualization. We’re just here to […]

January 11, 2018

The Importance of Analyzing The Consumer Journey in Experiential

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Event professionals understand the importance of mapping attendee journeys in order to learn their customer preferences, behaviors and deliver a better overall experience. While event technology plays a critical role in the mapping process, we believe there also needs to be a solid strategy aimed at optimizing the journey as a means for brand discovery. […]



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