BeCore INK: An Exploration of Inner Office Tattoos

“The tattoo is the mark of the soul

It can act as a window we can see in, or it can be our shield

To protect us from those who can’t see past the surface.”

– Anonymous

More often than not, when you’re getting to know someone, the question always arises, “do you have any tattoos?” and the usual answer is yes. Now to make things clear, we’re not saying that all people have tattoos, but in the 21st century tattoos are becoming more and more prevalent. Take for instance BeCore, 60% of our staff have at least one tattoo. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce our readers to the BeCore staff by going on an exploration of the inked, and not so inked team members that make it all happen.

At BeCore, we are a creative, hardworking lot with a strong sense of identity. Tattoos can be seen as an extension of this mentality and act as a small window into each personality. Check out the BeCore “Inkspiration” board on Pinterest to see a collection of tattoos roaming around the office.


Check out these other great infographics we found: