Brand new Brand?

We’ve relaunched our website

Branding has entered the lexicon in a new way. Whereas it originally referred to the actual use of a heated metal device to ‘brand’ something as a means of identifying ownership, now it refers to an indelible impression on one’s mind. Even people are considered brands. And while our ‘brand’ is visible in our purpose and actions, aesthetic is still an important element. For instance, if after being blindfolded you were exposed to a retail environment with no branding, but the décor consisted of minimalist display areas, white, glass and natural wood you might easily conclude you were in an Apple store. The aesthetic should reflect the brand, and in this example, it speaks to Steve Jobs’ ethos on simplicity and intuitiveness.

 BeCore recently relaunched our website. It not only reflects our emphasis on connecting with people, it also includes a new logo.

You will notice that the images and copy are people-centric. We appreciate that innovative technology can serve marketers in ways we never imagined. However, the individual people and communities we seek to serve occupy center stage in our world. Algorithms and data mining are useful tools only if there are real people involved and engaged. That is at the heart of Experiential Marketing and our new site better exemplifies that. Our images and stories are of people engaged, interested and enjoying the experience. People, not “consumers” or “targeted demographics,” real people responding to their natural and innate desire to belong and connect. 

We also decided to move away from the harsh red and black colors that we had initially relied upon to evoke a bold and striking emotion. Instead, our new color palette is also a reflection of our personality in that it is multi-colored and inviting, much like our diverse team. While it is not our intention to jump on fads or trends, its lighter color elements and gradation does happen to align with what many respected contemporary brands are adopting. The gradient also speaks to the fact that people are three- dimensional, nuanced and complex.

We hope you will enjoy the new look and that it speaks to your appreciation for the people you are looking to connect with.