Capture Your Game: A Green Screen Experience

At BeCore, we want to capture every moment of an experience whether it is at an event, or in the confines of our own office. When conceptualizing an event, or building out an interactive engagement for a client, we strive to create a story around the concept. With this in mind, we developed and trademarked an interactive green screen technology that quite literally “captures your game.”

“What I love about CYG is the advancement in technology. What once would have taken countless hours meticulously using a rotoscoping software now merely takes a few seconds. This allows your average consumer the chance to experience, and capture themselves doing something normally reserved for the likes of a Michael Jordan or a Travis Pastrana, it’s truly an amazing program.” – Lance Bowling “Director Of Photography”

Capture Your Game enables users to release their inner athlete and display their skills whether it’s acing a hole on the golf course, or making a 3-point shot on the basketball court. Our high definition cameras capture an action sequence using fast shutter exposers, which is then printed to a poster, user name and branded logo included.


There are two activations for Capture Your Game, a mobile unit and a pop up structure, which are both 100% turnkey, creating an effortless experience for the consumer that’s customizable and easy to manage.


What sport would you choose to capture your game?


To learn more check out the Capture Your Game Website HERE.