The Work

We’ve been designing and executing innovative and creative Brand Experiences that create Smiles for decades. When we get it right, these experiences generate joy, stimulating real, spontaneous Smiles. Contagious Smiles. Memory-making Smiles. The kinds of Smiles that deliver meaningful value for your brand and your business.

Setting the Stage for Travel Titans

The Points Guy Award Show 2023

TPG’s goal for a 2023 event was to deliver every guest a premium experience that brings the TPG brand to life and allows them to learn and be inspired.

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Engaging the Wellness Warriors

Nike Holistic Fitness

Nike aspired to introduce their freshly minted Nike Well Collective Trainers from New York and Los Angeles to the Nike family.

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Creating a Home Base for Players

MLB Players House

The MLB had a strategic vision of deepening player relationships and boosting content creation through the MLB Players House.

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Personalizing the Athlete’s Encounter

Nike Athlete Experiences

Nike aimed to facilitate meaningful interactions, unveil new products, and foster strategic discussions in an intimate, branded environment.

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Catalyzing Community Potential

Insight Global Be The Light Tour

Insight Global aspired to furnish job-seekers with the tools for economic prosperity, career advancement, enriching lives, and strengthening community ties.

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Reigniting the Spirit of Hospitality

Alaska Airlines Care Retreat

Alaska Airlines aimed to rejuvenate its workforce, particularly those in customer service roles affected by the pandemic, renewing their enthusiasm for service.

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Scoring Big for Philadelphia Schools

CBS Sports Kellogg’s Mission Tiger

CBS Sports aimed to support local sports teams, galvanize community spirit, and inspire the youth through an unforgettable experience.

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Nationwide Gaming On the Go

Red Bull Gaming Trailer Tour

Red Bull set sights on bringing its show on the road nationwide, launching the Red Bull Gaming Trailer Tour, a mobile experience designed to captivate audiences.

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Scoring with Style & Substance

Nike Hall of Phenom

Nike wanted to harness the global anticipation for the World Cup and use it to create a localized experience that would resonate with New York's soccer community.

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Triumph in the Twitch Arena

Amazon Prime Day PUBG

Amazon sought to captivate the gaming community on Prime Day by providing an event blending virtual and physical worlds.

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A Game Plan for Grooming & Gaming

Microsoft Xbox NBA All-Star Weekend

Microsoft desired to merge lifestyle and leisure, appealing to players, influencers, and fans by offering a fresh way to engage with the XBOX brand beyond the console.

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Navigating Nature with Novelty

Toyota Hotel Tacoma

Toyota aimed to foster a deep connection between guests and the great outdoors, with an off-road experience showcasing their adventurous spirit and capabilities.

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Sketching Memories In Couture

Cotton X Rue La La Summer Pop-up

Cotton and Rue La La partnered to create a shopping experience that showcased the Summer of Cotton Collection in an interactive commercial space.

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Elevating the Game Day Experience

CBS Sports Network Super Bowl 53

CBS Sports Network wanted to break the bounds of sports viewership, merging technology and sports to create an immersive event redefining the game day experience.

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A Toast to Festival Success

Mike’s Harder Tour

Mike’s Hard Lemonade wanted to channel the exuberant essence of Mike's HARDER into the hearts of festival-goers nationwide.

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Designing the ‘Best Day Ever’

The Trolls Experience

DreamWorks had a mission to craft the "Best Day Ever" for the fans of DreamWorks' Trolls through an immersive pop-up that encapsulated the essence of the Trolls' universe.

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"A man without a smiling face must not open a shop."

— Chinese proverb