Nike Athletes Experience


Crafting an elite athlete experience

In the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, BECORE transformed a luxury residence into the House of LVI for Nike, creating an exclusive enclave for athletes and VIPs during Super Bowl LVI. This Nike Football-focused venue provided premier athletes and guests with a high-caliber, personalized experience.


Elevating brand engagement amidst the hype

The challenge was to design a space that went beyond traditional athlete gifting. Nike aimed to facilitate meaningful interactions, unveil new products, and foster strategic discussions in an intimate, branded environment.


Personalizing the athlete’s encounter

BECORE's approach focused on curating a tailored environment that offered 30+ personalized athlete meetings and over seven brand strategy sessions, ensuring each interaction was exclusive and impactful. The strategy included private viewing areas for upcoming Nike Football gear, allowing attendees to touch and feel the innovation before it hit the market.


Setting the playbook for high-profile branding


Over 200 VIP guest attendees


Over 30 personalized athlete meetings


Over seven NFL & brand meetings

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