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For Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta, BeCore helped CBS Sports Network captivate audiences with a virtual skydiving experience where attendees "jumped" from a plane and flew over the city, only to land through the roof of the stadium and deliver the game ball. 4D effects made the experience well worth the wait.

The skydiving experience was 4D, including sights and sounds of the virtual reality device and realistic winds.

The "skydivers" were tasked with a mission: sailing across Atlanta to deliver the game ball, which was strapped to their harnesses.

Rams and Patriots fans alike had the chance to experience the event, hallmarking CBS Sports Network as the channel to watch.

VR Saving the Super Bowl


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Sought-after skydiving.

While the lines were long, it was for good reason. This skydiving experience, like no other, was endlessly popular - and well worth the wait.

Game day reimagined.

Never before has game day included guests like this. Wearing jerseys and cheering for your team is now accompanied by VR - and that's cool.