CONSUMER ANTI-ADVERTISING: How to stand out in today’s noisy world




Digital’s one big disadvantage is its lack of lasting impact among consumers – its low “retained value” in the consumer’s mind. I can remember the rear cover of the dwell magazine I saw last week, but I have a hard time remembering any of the ads in the la times I visited 5 minutes ago. The fact remains that brand recall…specifically, is often much higher in traditional marketing, especially when there is an experience to engage with.


Experiential Branding and Marketing

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There are so many messages on websites and apps vituperating us that information overload has led consumers to become far more selective about the content they engage with. People keep raising expectations for brands competing for their attention.

Though digital ads do create online sales, they are still far from making a lasting impression on users. These days most people don’t share ads, they share content and experiences that excite and engage them.

That’s why certain agencies have been using branded content, as an excellent way to get consumers to engage and share brand messaging wrapped in a snackable, shareable way. Be that in the form of a geo-filter, story, or post, brands can now integrate themselves into their consumer’s online dialog.

So the challenge is becoming clear: How does a brand stand out and make a Brobdingnagian impact in a completely digital world? Experiential marketing.


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It’s been proven that experiential marketing builds customer relationships for the long term. It can generate sales and leads in the short term and increase the awareness of a product, or service by driving word of mouth conversations and experiences.


These customer experiences build relationships with customers and raise awareness of brands by increasing loyalty and establishing relevance with the hearts of minds of customers. Branded experiences which include pop-up shops, product sampling, pr stunts, mobile tours, custom vehicles and immersive technologies which encourage interaction and product trial while creating memories.

These stimulate positive word of mouth which can even do things like change the mind of dissatisfied customers, increase product desire, verify the target audience and ultimately increase your return on marketing investment.

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