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April 20, 2018

How Experiential Marketing Targets Modern Consumers

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Millennials and younger generations have been spending their dollars in vastly different ways from the ones that have came before. Studies consistently demonstrate millennials prefer buying experiences to purchasing material possessions. They don’t need more stuff. In fact, they want less stuff. They crave more experiences. Why is this generation different from the one’s that […]

April 3, 2018

Event Marketing Statistics, Trends and Experiential Data

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Who would doubt the power and effectiveness of live events and experiential marketing? 80% of marketers believe that experiential is critical to their brand’s success. That’s an impressive statistic. There are a lot of impressive statistics surrounding live events and experiential marketing activations. Check them out in the post below.     15 Interesting Statistics […]

March 1, 2018

How to Increase Your Event Engagement using Influencer Marketing and Micro-Influencers

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Today we live in a connected world, a social media world. Brands recognize the need to be present on social channels. With today’s social media algorithms, there’s less content seen from brands and prioritization for individuals creating valuable content. So how do you bypass the algorithms and ad spend required to remain a part of […]

February 28, 2018

How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact The Event Industry

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I’m sure you’ve been hearing all the buzz surrounding the recent popularity of artificial intelligence. Companies have been making massive investments across the world into artificial intelligence. There is plenty of information that’s been published in technology journals about the promises it wishes to deliver, and the fears people have associated with A.I. So how […]

February 20, 2018

What Can Bourbon Teach You About Experiential Marketing?

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Experiential Marketing works extremely well for brands that can’t tell consumers about their product. Certain things just have to be seen, tasted, smelled, heard or felt to truly understand or to be believed. These are the details that can easily be missed in a traditional marketing campaign. You can’t simply tell consumers how great your […]

February 13, 2018

How Music Helps Shape Positive Experiences with Consumers

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It’s likely you don’t need me to tell you that music has the power to create profound experiences. It can cure pain, take you back, or completely make or break a party. But some experiences are just more memorable than others. THIS IS HOW REAL MEMORIES GET FORMED   Nothing truly comes quite as close […]

January 16, 2018

The Psychology To Consider For Your Next Event

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PSYCHOLOGY PRINCIPLES TO CONSIDER FOR EVENTS IN 2018 Psychology plays an important role in all aspects of marketing. In event production, attendees often form an overall opinion of a brand experience by mentally compiling small details. If you’re looking to understand the attendee to ensure he/she has the best experience, follow these psychology principles you […]

January 11, 2018

Mission Critical: The Event Attendee Hierarchy of Needs

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Whether or not you took Event Psychology in your college days you probably heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a theory of the human motivations model proposed by A. Maslow. Essentially it states that human needs are arranged in a hierarchy, starting with basic needs to survival and progressing to self-actualization. We’re just here to […]

December 20, 2017

Magic Leap unveils their new 1.6 Billion Dollar Smart Glasses and They’re Awesome

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Magic Leap is an augmented reality company that’s raised nearly 2 billion dollars without even demonstrating their product. The company says they will release a headset next year for developers, however they’re not about to tell us how much it’s going to cost or when it’s planning to shit the units. Magic Leap shows off […]

December 14, 2017

Get Ready: 6 Marketing Trends Set to Change 2018

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It’s almost 2018 people, we’re three years past hover boards and self lacing shoes and now entering the era of artificial intelligence, mixed reality, emotion detection, and more. Sometimes the ability to recognize what’s to come remains a large challenge amongst brands and marketers. It’s time to reflect back on what’s been working and get […]

December 13, 2017

10 Fun Christmassy Experiential Marketing Campaigns To Get In The Holiday Spirit

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10 Fun Christmassy Experiential Marketing Campaigns To Get In The Holiday Spirit Who doesn’t love a little fun for the Holidays? Check out these top 10 Christmas Inspired Experiential Marketing Campaigns to help get you in the Holiday Spirit. The Post Office Christmas Stamp Pop-Up Shop Coca-Cola Sends A White Christmas to Singapore from Finland […]

December 11, 2017

How Event Production Can Fuel Online Content and Craft Brand Stories Along The Way

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Events and Experiential Marketing are a great way to engage with consumers but what about for generating content?  How do you make sure that your online community benefits from events IRL? It can seem easy to consider the benefits of attending an event or brand activation when you actually attend. How can you make sure […]



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