Experiential Marketing creates a bond between brand and consumer

If a branded event can create positive emotions and build trust in people then they are more likely to associate those feelings with that brand. This will encourage brand loyalty and the stronger possibility of sales and loyalty down the line.

Experiential Marketing can be more effective than any kind of display ad

Experiential Marketing can be more effective than any kind of display ad, a promoted Tweet or a Facebook ad, however it’s also possibly harder to measure as conversions may not happen till much further down the line.

There forms of measurable sentiment which can be measured by tapping into social media and measuring data from there. While not all attendees may be online or even participating online, if there is a shared sentiment it will most likely be carried over into social media. Stay alert, be ready to have the brand engage and respond to questions, commenters, trolls, compliments, input, complaints and more.

The idea of experiential marketing is to create a personal bond between consumer and brand by immersing them in an exciting and memorable experience.

Experiences stay with people a lifetime so make it an extremely positive one that welcomes the customer in, excites and stimulates them, creates action, captures insight or data and generates some content on social media.

The experience of a perfectly executed experiential marketing campaign will encourage customer loyalty so they will keep coming back for more.

Here are some recent examples of experiential marketing we’ve done:


Let customers customize something personal to take home and remember their favorite experience.Mobile Marketing Tours by BeCore NYC and Los Angeles

Let your customers get involved, teach them something valuable. 12038580_1046886921997498_8977178170542074907_o

Let your customers have fun with their best friends.


Let your customers take a photo with the coolest cars in the world and get an autograph to take home.

Mobile Tours and Pop-Up Shops for Experiential Marketing

Let your customers experience a live-performance on the beach!

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