Experiential Technology: What is it? How does it work? Why Should You Use it?

Technology is an amazing thing. Technology can be used to solve problems and make our daily lives much more comfortable. It can also be used to make us more connected and closer together. Lets not forget that we’ve seen technology make us grow apart, and become disconnected from the people around us, and the world. We’ve seen kids grow-up missing adept social capabilities as a result of smartphone and social media addiction.

Experiential Technology

It’s a delicate balance between a good and bad application of technology. With the proper application, technologies can be used to create better live experiences for users. If you have a problem, its about looking at all the technology and seeing what we can do to solve that problem. If your Technology is creating the problem, then you’re going about it all wrong! Never forget that form follows function.

What can we do to solve this problem?

Some proven technologies: Social Vending, Interactive Games, Micro-Controllers, RFID, NFC, BLE, Internet of Things, Smart Detection, Custom Applications, Virtual Reality, Armbands, Advanced Display Technology, Touch-Screens, Socially Reactive Installations, Beacon Technology,

The key is having a box of techniques that WORK for integrating technology into your experiences that can be fun and most-importantly useful.

On Twitter:

Follow us, to turn on an experience, or a demo, or a sampling.

Get the customer to follow the brand, to engage or to take part in an experience.

A Great Example of Finding a problem, and solving it with technology:

The Coca-Cola Happiness Arcade Machine

-Building Socially Reactive Installations:

The Live Tweeting Honey Badger

-Motion activated Tweets.

Customizable Oreo Machine

Design an Oreo based on Trending Hashtags

Some Other Ideas:

-Tweet and receive a T-Shirt

Send a Tweet and an air balloon inflates, the person that pops the balloon wins a prize.

Dog Treat Machine

-Get a ball out of a machine, shoots the ball, the dog chases it, based on how long the dog took to get the ball and return, the machine will dispense treats to the animal.

Giant Doritos Vending Machine

Oculus Rift


Mobile Location Analytics

Mobile location analytics is about knowing how many devices are within a defined space.

60% of People have a Smartphone

96% of those People have their Wifi Turned on all the time.

45% of those People have Android.

34% are on Apple iOS.

82% of iOS devices leave their WiFi on all the time

94% of people using Android leave their WiFi on all the time

We can create a box that will connect with all the devices in a given area, we can define things such as; how close they are, In example at a tradeshow we could measure users that move within 25 ft as engagement, 75 feet out as an impression. These variables can be completely customized to be more appropriate to the event.

mobile Data analytics capture box

We can essentially draw data on all the users devices within a given area, figure out where they are in a space, influence, real data that can be combined with existing data and gain a better understanding of how users will behave in a given environment. For Example, we can take the data generated through this box and combine it with data on social media to determine which areas were more effective than others in the real work and digital work and why they were so effective, or not.

These are just a few ideas and examples of Experiential Technology and its application, there are hundreds and thousands of examples out there at http://www.experientialmarketingnews.com

Experiential technology can be used to both increase the Experience for the consumer and end user, as well as increase the data-variables for the marketing agency or brand.

If you have questions about implementing your own experiential technology, or experiential marketing event, contact us today!