The Importance of Experiential Marketing for Hotels

Ah, an overnight stay in a hotel is an experience all of its own. Just ask anyone who’s been to Vegas lately. Consumers associate hotels with positive experiences. Today we’re going to discuss the importance of Experiential marketing for hotels.

If you’re looking to craft a positive relationship between your hotel brand and consumers, experiential marketing activities are a great option for you. Just think about it, your target audience is already placing a premium on experiences in their own lives. Marketing to potential consumers through a fun, meaningful or materially rewarding experience is certainly a way to get them to remember your brand for a long, long time. Not only will they cherish the experience, they’re likely to tell their travel obsessed friends about their experiences with your brand.

See how Marriott teleports consumers to new places in their #GetTeleported campaign:

Palm Breeze held a Fashion Show and Party at the Viceroy in Santa Monica to promote the Palm Breeze Beverage to new consumers and social media influencers:

Experiential Marketing for Hotels like Viceroy in Santa Monica

Consider Experiential Hotel Brand Partnerships

We see brands partner with other companies to increase their reach and experiential effectiveness. What’s so interesting about doing experiential marketing for a hotel is that there are so many potential partnerships.

Think about distillers, musicians, coffee companies, soap brands, mattress brands, transportation companies, linen brands, fashion brands, the list could go on and on with the amounts of potential partnerships and brand synergies in such an industry.

Experiential Marketing for Hotels

Incorporate Rewards into your Marketing Program

Most hotel chains these days feature reward programs and people use and love them. According to statistics published by Access, 45% of consumers say that the opportunity to earn rewards is a primary reason consumers purchase from that brand.

Experiential Marketing for Hotels

Run your Experiential Marketing program in conjunction with other big events

If your hotel is hosting people who are in town for a big event. You can build a matched, highly effective experiential marketing campaign or activation surrounding this big event which is happening locally. When people are travelling for big beat events like SXSW, New York Fashion Week, Comic Con, Sundance, Coachella, or others, they come ready for new experiences. Capitalise by providing unique experiences while they’re at your hotel. Give them free swag, create a unique photo experience, offer prizes and gifts. Give them something to remember their experience.

Experiential Marketing for Hotels and Hospitality
Create a Campaign that has nothing to do with why people stay with your hotel

Running an experiential campaign means attracting consumers. Target consumers coming from a different target market. Do something different. It can be very beneficial to develop experiential activations that fall in line with events happening in your community.

Experiential is becoming so common that it takes a very creative consumer activation to attract the right sort of consumer attention. Give your experiential marketing efforts the attention they need.

BeCore would love to discuss your next project and see how experiential marketing can boost your next marketing activation.

Experiential Marketing for Hotels

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