It’s time to add Experiential Marketing to the Mix

Experiential Marketing offers Brands an opportunity to fuse online and offline in an immersive way. However, in developing a campaign, where should brands begin?

We have seen a number of marketing trends come and go in recent months as well as in recent years. There’s one thing that will remain consistent in marketing and thats hype. From brand publishing to partnering up with social media influencers and distributing content through mobile applications and mobile games. Typically the focus of marketers is on digital media marketing or digital media in some facet. Brands are constantly experimenting in a variety of ways, determined to connect with their ideal, elusive customer. Though the strategies and ideas that brands may vary, ultimately they’re all working at achieving the same goal. They want to leave a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of their consumers. They want to formulate a cohesive brand experience.

“Today Marketers want to create a Brand Experience and they can do that through Experiential Marketing”

How do you create a Unique Brand Experience? It all starts with authenticity. As we like to say, “Be-Core”, an ode to staying true to your roots. Begin with analyzing the brand. What about this brand makes it truly unique. What unique attributes does the brand have? How do these unique attributes help differentiate it from the rest? Brand Experience draws a circle around Authenticity and it should always be your starting point whenever building a Brand Experience.

How does BeCore launch a new Brand Experience?

BeCore was asked to Launch a new performance apparel brand with a goal to inspire the next generation of basketball players and inject innovation into the basketball culture. So BeCore created a mobile showroom that traveled to select AAU Tournaments and showcased events for players ranging in age from 10-24. The mobile showroom featured the full range of Let It Fly products, available for purchase, as well as a trial and demonstration court where athletes could experience the A+ Tech System and Shot Tracker app in action.

High School athlete and YouTube sensation, Julian Newman, performed a series of on-court drills to demonstrate the different applications and features of the brand technology. Coaches and Let It Fly Ambassadors also led young athletes through drills and shooting contests for a chance to win Let It Fly apparel and accessories.

The Result:
The tour, spanning 2 months, provided direct exposure to over 10,000 athletes, while also building brand awareness through product seeding, user generated social content and earned/paid media.
Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing

What are some of the most Unique Brand Experiences that BeCore has Produced?

PIMA Air & Space Museum Giant Paper Airplane

Experiential Marketing

The Nike Skateboarding Skate Park Barge for Go Skateboarding DayNike Experiential Marketing

Red Bull Mission Control – Mission the the Edge of Space

Experiential Marketing

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