Magic Leap unveils their new 1.6 Billion Dollar Smart Glasses and They’re Awesome

Magic Leap is an augmented reality company that’s raised nearly 2 billion dollars without even demonstrating their product. The company says they will release a headset next year for developers, however they’re not about to tell us how much it’s going to cost or when it’s planning to shit the units.

Magic Leap shows off their Magic Leap One Goggles

Magic Leap recent released a new version of their website to display a cool pair of black, goggle like glasses dubbed Magic Leap One.

Magic Leap Augmented Reality Goggles

Magic Leap

Adding Another Needed Dimension To Computing and Social Interaction

Magic Leap is adding another dimension to computing. Where digital respects the physical. They work together to make life better. We think that the implications of this can be huge, especially with regard to the experiential marketing and engagement marketing world. One of the larger problems that we’ve experienced with Virtual Reality is that it cuts users off from the real world, and typically, each other.

We think that by integrating the real world into the picture that augmented reality is going to come to life with Magic Leap’s new technology. This one is a game changer.


New Technologies Magic Leap Brings to the Table

Pull the web out of the screen

Magic Leap allows developers to optimize for content extraction and spatial browsing, enabling new ways to shop and explore with 3D objects.

Experiential Technology with Magic Leap

Magic Leap

Digital Light-field

The magic leap light-field photonics generate digital light at different depths and blend seamlessly with natural light to produce lifelike digital objects that coexist int he real world. This advanced technology allows our brain to naturally process digital objects the same way we do for real0world objects, making it comfortable to use for long periods of time.

Experiential Technology with Magic Leap One

Magic Leap

Visual Perception

The robust sensor suite on Magic Leap One detects surfaces, planes and objects, allowing for digital reconstruction of your physical surroundings. The result is a system that sees what you see, allowing light field objects to not only exist in the physical world but actually interact with it. Whether it’s virtual displays sitting alongside the computer monitor on your desk or a virtual panda that climbs across your living room couch, visual perception with machine learning unlocks the power of spatial computing.

Magic Leap

Persistent Objects

Magic Leap’s visual perception and room-mapping technology builds a digital replica of your physical environment – detecting and storing the precise location of walls, surfaces and other physical objects. Lightfield objects stay where you put them, just as they would in real life. Place a virtual TV on the wall over your fireplace and when you return later, the TV will be right where you left it.

Magic Leap

Soundfield Audio

To feel real, it must sound real. Magic Leap;s sound field audio mimics the real world and relays distance and intensity with amazing quality. This allows you to hear exactly where a sound is coming from, meaning you’ll know how close a virtual T-Rex is as it stomps up behind you.

High-Powered Chipset

Magic Leap’s integrated processing unit delivers high-fidelity, gaming-quality graphics, with the power and performance of a laptop computer. From editing an elaborate 3D model to playing a first-person shooter in  your living room, Magic Leap One produces light field objects in intricate detail, all on a highly responsive, self-contained wearable.

In summary, we’re super stoked about the magic leap one. We can’t wait to get our hands on the SDK! If you’ve got questions about Experiential Technologies or Experiential Marketing, contact BeCore today! We’d love to partner with you!