How to Increase Your Event Engagement using Influencer Marketing and Micro-Influencers

Today we live in a connected world, a social media world. Brands recognize the need to be present on social channels. With today’s social media algorithms, there’s less content seen from brands and prioritization for individuals creating valuable content. So how do you bypass the algorithms and ad spend required to remain a part of the conversation?

Influencer marketing can be a helpful strategy in marketing your events. By engaging with thought leaders across content marketing and social channels, ticket sales, and receive and unprecedented increase. Though implementation is exclusive to your specific objectives Influencer Marketing can help in the following ways.


Experiential Marketing Activation for DEG - Engagement Marketing Campaign at Comic Con 2017 for DEG

Andy Serkis at the DEG Activation at Comic Con San Diego


Influencer Marketing Cam Generate Content & Brand Awareness: Collaboration with influencers to generate content before and after your event, or leading up to your event adds elements of social proof and helps tap into wider audiences.

Influencer Marketing Creates Authentic Advocacy: Work exclusively with influencers to create their own content, letting them tell their story about your brand.

Micro-influencers Increase Engagement: Work with micro influencers to increase your targeting and engagement.


Influencer Marketing for Increasing Event Engagement

Jessica Chobot – Diablo 3 Live Stream Content Activation


How to Increase Event Engagement using Micro-Influencers

You want to start out by targeting influencers you want to collaborate with on content. Try to think about what it is about your influencer’s audience that you could leverage to help promote your event. Are they in your geographical area? Do they like the same things? There are a variety of different types of influencers that range in difficulty to reach. Does your influencer have a digital presence beyond a single platform?

Micro-influencers usually have a follower size of 1000 to 100,000 however you can’t judge an influencer by numbers alone. Micro-influencers typically have a very high engagement level with their audiences. There are influencers who can be called celebrity influencers, with higher follower numbers in the millions. These influencers are highly sought after by brands that want to boost their brand awareness.

Is your influencer comfortable working in events?

Take a look at your influencers to see what kind of content they’re developing. What’s the nature of your collaboration with your influencer? Make sure you clearly define how you want to communicate about your event and set objectives.

If you have questions about working to increase your engagement using Influencer Marketing or Micro-Influencers, contact BeCore today! We’d love to partner with you!