The Benefits of Product Sampling at a Brand Activation

Product Sampling. Perhaps one of the best ways to connect with consumers today and it’s not on the app store. We encourage clients to hand out product samples at nearly all experiential activations. If that’s not applicable, giving away useful free swag that can assist consumers in finding love for client’s brands. Over 70% of consumers say they are likely to buy a product after first having tried it. Less than 25% say the same thing after seeing a commercial on TV.

Product Sampling. It gets the people going!

Product sampling helps consumers better understand a company’s product or service and thus increases the likelihood of a purchase. 81% of passersby who engage in a company’s display or pop-up activation mention that they visited because they wanted a product sample.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Product Sampling Activation

Product Sampling at Experiential Marketing Activations

Product Discounting VS Product Sampling

The data drops significantly when a discount is offered, down to approximately 50%. There is also added friction on the path to influencing a consumer with a discount as it’s less likely that a consumer will engage with your activation without a sample product offering. Discounting products, especially with new brands and products is never a good idea as it’s lowering its initial value and thus, perceived value is also lowered.

Let’s face it. What brand wants to have a one-time customer? Long term customer loyalty is what we’re striving for. Experiential Marketing is a becoming one of the strongest ways to encourage consumers to buy products from you for many years to come. Do yourself a favor and let them try your brand. Give them a positive experience to remember about your brand, for when they leave, they’ll never forget you.

Hot Pockets Product Sampling Activation

Hot Pockets Experiential Marketing Campaign at E3 San Diego, California

Keep it simple: People like free stuff

What better way to assist consumers in better understanding your product than product sampling? Show and tell doesn’t work as well as sampling, and this is now a proven fact based on compiled data. Until an individual tries the product out for themselves and has their own experience with it, they won’t truly know if they like it or not. Never underestimate the power of a positive customer experience. Product Sampling can be a powerful component in getting a consumer to try your product or service for the first time and it can be your first step in creating an emotional connection between your product and your consumer. Never forget, the emotional connection is the core of developing loyalty with your brand.

JUUL Vapor Experiential Activation and Product Sampling Pop-Up Shop

Teva Swag at their Bonnaroo Experiential Activation

Product Sampling and Experiential Marketing Activations

Product Sampling at NACS with Red Bull Energy Drink

Product Sampling at Experiential Marketing Activations

Looking to Create a Unique Product Sampling Experience?

Are you looking to create a unique experience for your product, service or brand? Do you want to make your brand more engaging? BeCore can help you creative a memorable impact on consumers. We specialize in building creative techniques for getting your brand in front of consumers. Contact BeCore today!