How to Promote Your Pop-Up Shop and Prime Yourself For Success

When you’re marketing your business, there are a surfeit of options available to you, but one of the most guaranteed ways to reap success is using a Pop-Up Shop. There’s a lot of planning that goes into a pop-up shop. Much of the success or failure attributed to pop-up shop can be directly tied back to marketing the pop-up itself.

If the marketing strategy is sound, then foot traffic and sales will follow. If the strategy itself is lacking, you may find your pop-up shop to be a waste of time and resources. Here are some marketing techniques that other brands successfully implement for high returns:

Build the buzz in advance online

In the time leading up to the pop-up shop, it’s your mission to build as much hype and anticipation around the event as you can. Much of this will happen on social media via event pages, content marketing and possibly some hyper-localized PPC advertising.

Urgency is key

Give your consumers enough reason to come visit. What about offering Limited release product which is only available at your pop-up shop location? Limited quantities, Artist Performances, and everybody loves Free Samples.

Pop-Up Shops and Experiential marketing

What’s out there to help promote before the event?

There’s a lot of options available to entrepreneurs and brands looking to succeed with Pop-Up Shop Marketing, here are a few that come to mind.

Collaborative Cross Promotion Campaigns

If you’re a relatively small brand with limited reach, a pop-up shop is an awesome way to link up with some strategic partners. Consider:

  • What brands are out there that further the message of the lifestyle of your own brand?
  • What do your target customers drink? What do they eat? What do they like to snack on?

These are the people that you should reach out to first and it’s also going to allow you to cross market into other audiences that care about the same thing as your customer, but don’t compete with you at all.

Cotton / Rue La La Pop-Up Shop in Boston, MA

How to promote the day of the event:

While building advance buzz is important, the most critical factor in your success is day-of marketing. For many shoppers, the decision to visit your store is impromptu and spontaneous. If you’re relying only on your pre-marketing, then you’re missing out on a significant source of traffic.

  • If possible, contact some influencers within your space and invite them out to your pop-up if the influencers are relevant to your niche
  • Make signs
  • Market the pop-up around a holiday
  • Educate consumers who aren’t aware of your product or brand
  • Have brand ambassadors on hand to help make a splash
  • Have a brand ambassador and out samples

Wendy's Pop-Up Shop

These are just some ideas to get your creative process started! Make sure to try some new tactics, and cast as large of a net as possible within your reach.

If you have questions about Pop-Up Shops, or Engagement Marketing contact BeCore today! We’d love to partner with you!