10 Reasons You Should be Implementing Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking. A little shameless self-promotion never hurt anybody right? Here are 10 Reasons You Should be Implementing Experiential Marketing For Your Brand.

All human knowledge can be summed up in one word, experience. With a compelling experience comes incredible impressionability, content, take aways, and a taste of what your brand has to offer. Traditional Marketing is dead, and it’s now time to incorporate a more engaging and interactive campaign.

Experiential Marketing campaigns offer consumers the chance to taste, touch and feel your brand for themselves. Set your brand apart from your competition who may not be offering a two-way conversation with consumers.

1.) Use your activation as a content opportunity for your brand

You’re creating compelling content which can be shared throughout marketing channels and live on far past the event or activation itself.

Experiential marketing activation for purepoint financial
2.) Let consumers experience your work with Experiential Marketing Activations

This is beginning giving them a better idea of who you are, what you do and how you do it. If you think that your brand can be stronger once it’s been experienced first hang, use Experiential as your opportunity to give potential customers a taste.

google experiential marketing activation produced by becore in los angeles

3.) Cut through the traditional marketing noise with Experiential Marketing

Creative, Authentic, and Original are words that come to mind when thinking of Experiential Marketing. Use all mediums available including Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to broadcast your event and increase the impressions.

Mike's Hard Lemonade Experiential Marketing Brand Activation

4.) Facilitate Authentic Interactions with Consumers Using Experiential Marketing

Having a product in the consumer’s hand is one of the best ways to get them to remember your product and generate brand loyalty. When we engage with individuals on a one-on-one level, in-person, they spend more time with your brand, your product and your message, creating a stream of brand advocates.

5.) Take the opportunity to do some Product Sampling at your Experiential Activation

Experiential Marketing Activation

6.) Action begets action in Experiential

Experiential Marketing leaves impressions with consumers and provides insight and opportunity for amplification on multiple marketing channels.

Experiential Marketing - Google Allo

7.) Live experiences create positive feelings which set the stage for word-of-mouth sharing

Comic Con Experiential Marketing Activation

8.) Build a two-way conversation with consumers

Engagement marketing and experiential are all built around the idea of encouraging consumers to participate and engage. This helps allow your marketing to evolve and improve, allowing consumers to provide insight and opinion on your products and services.

Experiential Marketing Campaign with Roxy in Huntington Beach, California

9.) See Bigger Results From Your Marketing Campaign

Success often takes risks, and if you want to see great results you need to think big and pursue your ideas.

Nike Skateboarding Barge Skate Park in New York City, NYC

10.) Experiential Marketing is fun.

Experiential Marketing is fun. It can take you out of your office, your comfort zone and teach you new things about your customers and team. Go ahead and try some experiential marketing for your brand today.

Experiential Marketing Party with BeCore Experiential in Los Angeles, California

If you’re interested in creating your own Experiential Marketing campaign, contact BeCore today! We’d love to partner with you!