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Red Bull

Red Bull NACS included utilizing the Motorsports Energy Station, where a two story structure contained a DJ, Red Bull TV lounge, photo experience, VR opportunity, and digital Red Bull can that displayed new products. An on-site bar allowed guests to sample all Red Bull variants, including the newest edition flavor and Vodka Red Bulls for adult consumers.

The Motorsports Energy Station included a fully-stocked bar, including new 2018 Summer Edition variants of Red Bull.

With a full two stories to utilize, BeCore upped the ante and included space for a DJ, TV lounge, and more.

The interior design of the space gave it an immersive feel, especially with its wall of video imagery and VR stations.

Red Bull Giving Fuel to Motorsports


Story Structure


Digital Can


Samples Consumed

Drink this up.

Our eight-foot tall digital can flashed different imagery throughout the event, effectively promoting Red Bull content and new products while providing a picture-worthy prop.

Tall and talkative.

A two-story structure was guaranteed to get people talking; the structure allowed space for a DJ, VR experience, TV lounge, and premium bar.