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The way we approach gathering has changed forever. Luckily for us, we at BeCore have always embraced change, and the world’s “new normal” is no exception.

Safe Live Events: Our New Normal

We thought everything would be back to normal by now, too. But what will “normal” look like? Things have changed, maybe for the foreseeable future, maybe forever. And we are ready to face those changes.

The good news is, we can safely take back what the virus has taken—our ability to gather in person and connect face-to-face. Will it look different than it did? For sure. But we don’t have to lose safe gatherings forever; we simply adapt.

SafeSpace has been working on that since COVID-19 first arrived. How our passionate expertise— planning and producing unforgettable productions—will meet the challenges of the new normal. Our creative, strategic, carefully calculated team includes certified safety experts and accredited partners to ensure that real experiences are not a thing of the past. We’ve worked to become the best COVID consultants for activations providing specialized event planning during COVID. Bring events back into the real world. Create community memories through safe experiences that make your brand shine. Give people a SafeSpace to gather. We can make it happen.

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The Need for Safe Live Events

Meeting safely takes more planning than it used to. Luckily, we excel at that. With every new event, we strive to keep staff and all attendees as safe as possible. We’ve developed protocols for productions during COVID that are layered with attention to safety details, in addition to outstanding customary execution methods. These include multi-tiered event analysis, site consultation, securing safe infrastructure and educated staff to manage the site and keep everything running safely and smoothly. We are here to make sure you feel safe and secure to host events again.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is novel, meaning there is much still to learn. Our teams stay up to date with the CDC and WHO recommendations while also implementing protocols provided by ISSA and OSHA. And we are well-versed in the mounting substantial evidence regarding the precautions that mitigate associated dangers. Until guaranteed methods of eradicating the virus exist, we will continue to seek and provide the most informed health and safety recommendations for COVID event planning.

Let’s get into how.

Our Solve

The SafeSpace network is composed of Environmental Infection Control Consultants, Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals and Seasoned Event Marketing Professionals who work collectively to ensure your events and gatherings are up to code and your guests are comfortable and excited to be on site.

Our written protocols are developed based on established infection control strategies, industry best practices and the guidance of leading authorities such as:

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

SafeSpace’s COVID-19 service offerings are built around the core principle of prevention through planning. We work with our partners and the best COVID consultants for productions to provide:

Incident Response Management

Prevention is the first line of defense in providing safe events and experiences. In the event confirmed or suspected cases are identified in workers or event attendees, our COVID planning team can provide consultation and advice to prevent disease transmission.

Prevention &
Control Plans

Scientifically sound infection control strategies with the goal of bringing people back together at safe in-person events. Each plan is tailored to the unique needs of your industry, incorporating every stage of the process from planning to production at every stage—pre, during, and post.

Site-Specific Plans

Site-specific plans and protocols tailored to each unique environment in accordance with industry best practices for production, events, and entertainment. Each plan is customized to the specific considerations of the project, including location-specific challenges and other jurisdictional requirements that come when you host events.

Cleaning & Disinfection Protocols

Whether the goal is preventative cleaning or incident response, we assist in developing effective cleaning and disinfection protocols to help minimize the risk of disease transmission at every touchpoint of the event process.

Return to Work Communication

Digital communication packages provide clear and concise direction to each stakeholder involved in the production planning process during COVID, outlining all applicable prevention procedures and each individuals’ responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

Training & Education Programs

Our training modules are structured to provide individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to prevent disease transmission including general awareness, prevention, and response training. The training curriculum is designed to comply with the employee training requirements as stipulated by the CDC and OSHA. All of our COVID consultants for events receive this training.

Our Primary

The SafeSpace team and partners offer leading consulting and advisement solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of the industry, including the safest COVID event planning. With over 30 years of experience providing production support, we also understand the roles and needs of each stakeholder associated with large events and production including cast, crew, unions, production companies, studios, jurisdictional agencies and the general public. Our COVID consultants for events are uniquely prepared to safely host events during COVID and ensure that every stakeholder understands their roles in the safety protocols.

KINEXON SafeZone is the most innovative digital protection against the spread of COVID-19. The solution uses wearable devices called "SafeTags" to help you maintain a safe physical distance to the people around you. It also records the distance and duration of contacts to trace positive chains of infection quickly and accurately. The uniqueness of the solution is that it can be utilized anywhere people meet. From factory workers in Germany, to NFL football players, SafeZone is being used around the globe.

True North Consultants – True North develops emerging pathogen prevention, mitigation and control plans as a proactive means of preventing the spread of COVID-19. True North’s plans contain important information regarding COVID-19, preventative control measures and incidence response that can be implemented to reduce the potential for exposure within spaces.

SAVI EHS and Amphibious Medics – SAVI EHS brings 20+ years of experience in environmental, health and safety program development, hazard mitigation strategies and onsite compliance oversight. Amphibious Medics brings two decades of experience in multi-discipline emergency, occupational health and wellness services, with extensive experience in providing medical support to TV/film productions, construction sites, events and hospitality groups.

A federally designated provider of Essential Services, Clean Harbors onsite disinfection services ensure that every event space and public environment is free from the dangers of coronavirus. Every service is aligned with the most stringent federal, state and local guidelines for public safety at events and conferences during COVID.

How Can We Help?

We believe the events and experiences that help build your brand aren’t a thing of the past. As partners, we can build a new normal that is safe yet exciting, respectful yet fun, and always on-brand. Leave the rules to us while you break barriers for your brand. And we’ll find SafeSpace together.

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Safe Live Events FAQs

  • Does CDC have recommendations on how to maintain 6 feet between attendees during events?

    Yes, the CDC recommendation for maintaining 6-feet distance at events is to pay attention to and follow the physical guides. Also always allow other attendees 6 feet of space when you pass by, both inside and outside. All SafeSpace in-person productions during COVID have markings on the floor or signs on the wall as well as traffic flow management. We also offer onsite COVID-19 Compliance Officers to help maintain the CDC recommended guidelines.

  • Is there information I can share with staff and attendees about COVID-19?

    It is important to share COVID-19 information with staff and attendees. SafeSpace offers training modules that are structured to provide individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to prevent disease transmission, including general awareness, prevention, and response training. The training curriculum is designed to comply with the employee training requirements as stipulated by the CDC and OSHA. All of our COVID consultants for events receive this training.

    In terms of sharing COVID-19 information with attendees, each SafeSpace plan is customized to the specific considerations of the event or production, including location-specific needs, number of attendees, and other requirements that come when you host experiences during COVID. It’s also a good idea to recommend that attendees go to the CDC site for more safety information before they arrive.

  • What are things to consider when determining if an event needs to be postponed or canceled?

    Local public health officials are an important source of information in this case. SafeSpace closely monitors current conditions and will help you make a contingency plan should your experience or production be canceled or postponed. Careful COVID event planning is our specialty, including considerations like venue size versus number of attendees, and every safety precaution is taken so your gathering will go off without a hitch.

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