Learn How to Setup a Snapchat GeoFilter and Why Snapchat GeoFilters Work Great for Events

Snapchatters ( Mostly Businesses) are buying Geofilters from the social app’s photo booth feature that personalizes temporary, location-activated filters for events.

Everybody loves Snapchat. Did you know Snapchat is up past 100 million active users per day? Since Evan Spiegel introduced its geo-filter service in late February, it’s users began creating custom content for live events which only cost a little more than $5 to start, to create a temporary, personalized filter for their events. Depending on your duration and geofence location, your cost may go up or down, the rates are based on that.

Snapchat has noted publicly that over 60% of their geo-filter submissions are coming from businesses. Being that most of the early conversations about Snapchat discussed the social platform’s lack of monetization methodology. This new feature would make Snapchat the first social media company that created profit that is intended to scale though many individual users as opposed to selling services and products to larger brands and companies.

Amy Webb, the founder of the Future Today Institute mentioned that the paid filter trend comes from, “Purikura”. Which were photo sticker booths that allowed for personalized filters made popular in Japan about 20 years ago. The massive popularity of the service comes at a crucial moment for the social media brand. Snapchat’s latest valuation put them at 16 Billion dollars.

Businesses are mostly driving the rise in the personalized geo-filter space. A bank in New Orleans, Iberia Bank sponsored a filter and received 2,895 views and only ran it for five hours around a two-block radius. This only cost her $12.38.

Here’s how to set one up!

I set up an example geofence of our office for 5 hours and it quoted me at $11.30. Check it out.

1.) You upload your digital assets. ( Custom Transparent Overlay Graphic )

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.48.22 AM

2.) Select your Dates

Snapchat Geo Filters

3.) Select your Geo-Fence location.

Snapchat Geo-Filters for Marketers

And that’s it! It’s an easy process to create a custom geo-filter with Snapchat.

It’s a great way to curate your social story through other people yet still have a hand on the cohesive factors, like branding. With a custom geo-filter you can add a custom overlay and let your guests have fun posting branded content.

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