The Marketing Brilliance of Snapchat’s Spectacles

What’s cooler than the idea of sharing experiences with the people you care about?

Snapchat just released a new technology dubbed, Spectacles. Basically, they’re some super sweet sunglasses with a smart integration into your smartphone via Bluetooth. They’re only sold out of their custom-made vending machine, Snap bot, which looks like something from another planet. The Snap Inc Spectacles are retailing for $130.00.

Snapchat Spectacles

People who were the first to arrive on Thursday from the first Snapbot stop are selling their Pair on eBay. These have been reported to have been going for up to roughly $1,000 each. Whew! At that rate we might want to take the day off to go Snapbot hunting. You can virtually try on the Spectacles using the Snapbot…Pretty cool! The spectacles come in 3 different of colors. Black teal and coral.


Meet Snapbot. Talk about a way to entice curiosity. The virtual fitting room integrated vending machine that Snapchat built is pretty awesome, allowing you to try out a pair and adjust the color to see how they look before you make your purchase.

People are already standing in line for hours to pick these things up! They’ll be stopping at a new place each time and for $130 bucks and a whole lot of patience you can get your own!
Spectacles Phone Compatibility:
Spectacles are currently compatible with the iPhone 5 and later running on iOS 8 and above. Android devices running Android 4.3 and above using Bluetooth le and wifi.
The Marketing Brilliance of Spectacles:
What’s interesting to us is the idea of capturing experiences without task of having to pull out your device. All of us that like to share content and tell you that we hate holding up our device to capture an experience or a “moment” and would rather tap our glasses and continue enjoying and engaging in that experience.

By integrating this hardware component to the masses in limited runs, they’re creating a tremendous sense of urgency and interest in the product. The sunglasses serve a single function, to capture experiences.

So what’s in it for the Marketers?

For Snapchat

This is going to allow marketers, content creators, and users change how the film and post Snapchat content to the internet. What happens next?  Tremendous amounts of original content flooding into the channel. Increased interest in the application, increase application usage and the potential for commercial/influencer use, and brand interest from all around.

For Brands

People are dying for a glimpse into certain individuals lives, like celebrities, popular athletes, musicians and other influencers and this will give them a better ability to share content to the masses, it will give shops and stores an opportunity for a first person perspective from a popular influencer, not just a 2-dimensional perspective being shot with a smartphone anymore. Now viewers can see influencer’s interaction with the brands themselves instead of simply a post or a phone-first perspective.

Hardware Hackers

We also think that DIY Hardware Hackers and others might decide to rip a pair apart and see how they can be modified and adjusted for other uses other than designed, things could get interesting here.

What do you think will happen next? Let us know!

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