The Elements of Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is an exceptional method of advertising through an interactive means. This gets consumers to talk about your product or service. Experiential Marketing can be an extremely powerful tool for brands that want to leave a strong impression on customers.

Experiential Marketing is definitely a unique take on attracting new customers. Experiential marketing relies heavily on creativity and sharability. If sharability isn’t a word yet, it is now!

I would say there’s definitely some important key pillars to integrate into any successful experiential marketing campaign, the first being creatively relatable, make sure that you’re translating the brand in a way the the user or consumer can understand.

When building an Experiential Marketing campaign, Make sure that the brand is contextually relevant, otherwise you’re going to be completely off and damaging even. Try to get a better idea of the brands persona and a natural place for the brand to engage.

Experiential marketing makes your brand emotionally relevant resulting in taking the users experience of the brand far beyond regular marketing or traditional marketing defined explanations of benefits. Consumers will become long time advocates for your brand if you can connect with them emotionally.

Making your brand or service sharable through experiential marketing is absolutely critical. You can have the coolest experience in the world, but what impact does it have beyond your local audience, or on the world if it cannot be shared? Create interactive kiosks that allow consumers to share the fun they’re having, make it engaging, build a game that incentives users for sharing. I think that another key element that marketers forget about is, is the brand or service actually talk-worthy? Is it sharable on it’s own or do you need to spice things up?

Coke Zero and the 007 Franchise made an incredible experiential campaign that does all these things in quite the fashion. Check this out!

The 007 Franchise experiential marketing campaign gives commuters 70 seconds to get through an obstacle course setup in the train station for a chance to win exclusive tickets for the Skyfall film. Check it out!

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