Digital Media in Experiential Marketing

There is always great incentive in integrating digital brand experiences into your marketing campaign. One of the most important reasons; to get people talking, and sharing their experience, however digital media can be used in a lot of different ways in the experiential realm of things, maybe even some that you haven’t thought of. Here are a few of our ideas where you can introduce digital media into your next event.

Digital Backdrops:

A digital backdrop is a great way to aggregate information at an event through a projection, or through digital tvs. Twitter feed, instagram feed, facebook, videos, this can help get consumers at the event engaging in your online media, or display relevant information.

Experiential Marketing Digital Board by BeCore Los Angeles

Registration Systems:

Need a way to get consumers registered for an event? No better way than with an iPad, using a mobile application or web-app to capture the data and store it registration purposes.



Integrating digital into your event can bring many interesting contest opportunities, through SMS, mobile applications, or social media, you can motivate consumers to engage in your online marketing strategies, and get them doing several marketing “tasks” for you in order to win a contest, and engage in your brands product or service as the grand prize.

sms contest in experiential marketing by becore los angeles

Reviews / Consumer Feedback:

Get consumer input through digital review systems or surveys on iPads or other digital interfaces to gather critical consumer insight into your brand’s product or service.

Surveys in Experiential Marketing by BeCore Los Angeles


Setup check-ins or sharable content at your event, build signage or messaging that tells users where the conversation is happening. Give them something to share, and show them  where to share it.

social media and experiential marketing logos


Create applications / advertising that interact with users within a specific location only. Use these applications to connect with users within a given range or event.

Geo-fencing with experiential marketing

SMS Marketing:

Create sign-ups with SMS marketing and alert people interested to visit your booth or your area at a tradeshow, or get a group of like-minded brand followers to an event by paging them using SMS marketing. SMS can also be used effectively with contests.

iphone sms integration with experiential marketing campaigns

Sell  products:

Sell your product live at events using mobile point of sales system which easily integrate with iPads and iPhones, many services such as square, shopkeep, and more allow you the ability to do such things at low cost.

Point of sale systems and experiential marketing in use

Digital Scoreboards


These are just a few ideas, however using these technologies, the possibilities are endless.

If you have more questions of the importance of digital in your events or experiential marketing contact BeCore today!