The role of Kiosks in Experiential Marketing

Kiosks are a great way to increase consumer engagement, interaction and improve relationships with consumers. 

What are these things anyway? Kiosks are basically any physical structure that can be found in a public area that displays information or advertising. There are kiosks that let users interact and include touch-screens, motion, video, and sound. These are often found in popular areas such as malls, tradeshows, concerts, movie theaters and restaurants as a way to draw and engage with foot-traffic.

Picture of an iPad at a BeCore Produced Event for Nike

We really like them for a couple of reasons:

  1. Interactive Kiosks provide a highly engaging display element
  2. Can provide secure storage areas for assets and marketing materials
  3. Self-Service kiosks allow companies to more efficiently run their business
  4. They can build valuable marketing impressions if executed in the right manner

Gen Z Experiential Marketing

There are many different options in what is possible with a Kiosk:

We can build you a Custom Kiosk which is our personal favorite option. Custom Kiosks can provide the ultimate branding and interactive experience for consumers. You have the opportunity to completely customize the Kiosk experience from A-Z. We can build them to be social, interactive, and fun. Everything from the shape, materials, graphics, and lighting will be completely customized.

Not every campaign needs a Custom Built Kiosk. There are also Rental Kiosks which you can find from a number of Kiosk builders.

The end-game for Self-Service Kiosks is that they are an excellent way for retailers, service providers and any other type of business to utilize technology to increase customer satisfaction and reduce fixed costs. Kiosks take employees out of the picture when applicable by satisfying customer needs with a high-quality experience for the user. Kiosks can be a significant initial expense but pay themselves off over time.

Kiosks also work really well with Pop-Up Shops when you may be understaffed during an activation or as a support mechanism for almost any event with foot-traffic volume. Kiosks can provide social distribution and create social chatter in creative ways. You want to capture the user’s attention with a digital Kiosk or photo booth system and have them take a photo of their experience and share it with the world in a personalized way.

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