The Ultimate, yet incomplete list of Agencies to follow on Instagram

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It would seem that Instagram would be a perfect fit for agencies — pictures of company outings, office parties, and creatives hard at work behind their Macs. And while there were more than a few mustache straws and agency pups, the majority of the accounts looked like they had been taken over by an intern for a few weeks and then abandoned.

What’s even more important is that brands trust that agencies know how to use the platform. More and more brands are turning to Instagram to connect with and engage consumers — just look at the recently launched IKEA website built entirely on the platform.

Experiential Marketing Agencies to follow on Instagram

So while there probably aren’t that many CMOs who troll Instagram looking for their next agency partner, there is little competition and even more opportunity to make it your agency’s platform of choice — a differentiator when it comes to that next visual campaign.

If you are looking for some inspiration or just want some “inside” looks at a few agencies, then check out this ultimate — yet incomplete — list of ad agencies to follow on Instagram:

Experiential Marketing Agency

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