What we did for


To re-embrace the great outdoors, BeCore and Hotel Tacoma in Cape Lookout of Oregon formulated a jam-packed weekend for guests. It included Polaris ATVs, specialized mountain bikes, and Yamaha dirt bikes. BeCore hosted archery, hatchet throwing, and metal smithing, while the hotel's chefs cooked up naturally-found forest foods and a guest experience.

Hotel Tacoma took place deep within the Pacific Northwest, with adventures that took guests into the Siuslaw Forest.

Hotel chefs prepared meals that made ordinary camping look boring, complete with furry cushions and candle lighting.

The meals were packed to the brim with multiple courses of incredible food, giving guests the energy to keep exploring.

Driving the Inspiration for Exploration


Day Event



Off-road experience.

56 guests specifically participated in the Yamaha Moto X, dirt bikes that allowed them to experience the great outdoors after professionals showed them the ropes.

Behind the wheel.

Besides the dirt bikes, mountain bikes, and Polaris ATVs, the guests were still behind the wheel as they chose which auxiliary events to participate in.