Why Content Marketing is the Most Important trend of 2015

Content Marketing is an excellent way to engage with customers and provide them with expert-level knowledge to help them during their purchasing decision process. This year it has proven to be one of the most commercially viable digital marketing trends.

We’ve outlined some reasons why content marketing is so popular among digital marketers and how it’s been proving to help businesses and consumers.

Content Marketing for Microsoft and Nascar

The business of selling knowledge or expertise:
With any campaign, the aim is to assist and inform customers. You want to show people that the business understands the respective industry and that their expertise is credible. Content Marketing by design isn’t to sell directly to the consumer but to give them an idea of why that product or service is good and quality or how it will benefit them, or make them feel. It leaves the consumer to making the final decision.

Helpful guides, video content, tutorials, blogs and white-papers, people can share this content online in their personal networks such as social media, personal blogs, or others. This helps brands spread their message and help to increase the brand’s authority within the industry. This is when content marketing proves it’s value as more than an unsolicited sales message.


Tracking Content Marketing ROI can be Difficult:

Tracking the success of your content marketing campaign can be difficult and needs to be monitored from a variety of levels measuring via performance metrics. It’s important to closely monitor how new leads and prospects are obtained when engaging with new customers. In addition, integrated marketing should help you narrow new clients down using tracking techniques in platforms such as Google Analytics to help track down new client acquisition. At the end of the day you’re going to be combining insight from a variety of sources to ultimately determine your Content Marketing return on investment. Content Marketing helps distribute your brand through social media, spreading brand awareness and delivering clout in your industry through the distribution of insight. This is generally a precursor to initial contact for potential customers.

Ultimately Content Marketing is a supporting mechanism to begin initial conversations with customers. It can be the key to obtaining a pre-built trust with customers prior to speaking with them. When prospects feel good about your brand before they talk to you in person, they feel more comfortable with doing business with your company.

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