10 Great Examples of Experiential Marketing Installations

10 Great Examples of Experiential Marketing Installations

With experiential marketing sometimes you get the opportunity to build amazing installations to display at events and popular spaces. Consumers of all types and all ages love to engage with them and share them with friends. Here are 10 great examples of experiential marketing installations.

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Mikes Hard Lemonade in Venice Beach

What goes great with summer vibes and sipping on some cold adult beverages? Ping-pong in custom lemon-shaped ping pong tables perhaps?

Mike's Hard Lemonade Experiential Marketing Brand Activation

A2 Milk 10′ Glass of Bubbling Milk

When you’re a kid, everything’s big, however, this glass of Milk is big for anyone. This glass of milk had a surprise inside of it, two tiers of top grade bubble machines, which would go off every 15 minutes throughout the event.

Fender Play Experiential Marketing Activation and Product Installation

When you’re a brand like Fender, why not pull out some guitars and let some guitarists jam?

Fender New York Experiential Marketing

DEG Experiential Marketing Activation at San Diego Comic Con 2017

DEG brought all the greats into their installation at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con, just check out these photos below!

The Melt’s Guinness World Records Largest Cheese Sculpture Experiential Marketing

To announce the Melt’s newest product offering, which would now be adding cheeseburgers to their menu, they wanted to start it off with a bang and won a Guinness world record by creating the world’s largest cheese sculpture of a giant cheeseburger.

Mike’s Harder Lemonade Bull Shark Experiential Marketing Activation

People that drink Mike’s Harder Lemonade like to party hard, that’s why they brought out the bull shark.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles at the X-Games Aspen Experiential Activation

What’s more fun than posting up on your favorite Harley-Davidson motorcycle for the perfect Instagram photo?

Harley Davidson activation produced by BeCore Experiential Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, California.

The DTS Magic Speaker Experiential Activation

Venice Beach got the ultimate surprise! The live concert featuring Ivy Levan that popped out of a mysterious black speaker box at the beach.

Experiential Marketing

NASCAR / Microsoft Experiential Marketing Activation and Fan Experience


Adobe Photoshop’s Experiential Marketing Activation at the Adobe Max Conference

Adobe took Adobe Max conference attendees to all the phases of the Adobe product line history, here’s a photo of some conference attendees in the 90’s section of the activation space.

Adobe Max Conference Experiential Marketing and Brand Activation

2015 adobe max conference booth building and ideation

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