The Top 5 Principles of Engagement Marketing

Building lasting relationships can take a lot of work, and I’m not just talking about your marriage. Relationships between brands and consumers take time, effort and a focus on the future which helps to identify shared goals and values, building trust and communication. It’s all about an authentic emotional connection to make it work and work well.

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What’s Engagement Marketing?

If you’re a regular follower of our blogs by now you’re no stranger to the term and it’s value. However for those of you just tuning in,  it’s been exploding in popularity since the mid 2000s.

Here’s a google trends graph showing it’s search popularity over time

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The relationship between brands and consumers is shifting

The ways that brands are marketing is shifting, but also the ways that consumers are discovering and engaging with brands is shifting as well. Brands aren’t talking at people anymore. They’re not simply focusing on the transaction alone. Brands want to engage with people, building meaningful, life long and personalized relationships.

It’s the reason your barista will write your name onto your cup even if you’re the only person in the local Starbucks. It’s the reason you get personalized recommendations from stores you purchase from online.

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As Sam Brennand once said, “It doesn’t matter if you call it permission marketing, relationship marketing, or youtility marketing we’re ultimately talking about the same side of the coin.”.

Here are a few of the key principles of Engagement Marketing:

1.) It’s based on a relentless focus on building trust

2.) Engagement Marketing embraces a strong two-way communication

3.) It creates an exchange of value ( win-win)

4.) Engagement Marketing creates a focus for the relationship

5.) This kind of marketing is a long-term investment and a time-term view

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How does content effect engagement marketing?

Focus on Context. Contextual content experiences convert and engage better. It’s one of the most important elements of engagement Marketing because it demands that marketers ensure the experiences they create are gradual and authentic.

What’s the primary role of engagement marketing?

Engagement Marketing is an ideology that emphasizes the importance of long-term relationships based on shared goals and values, making those goals and values front and center in your content. Make sure your content is rooted in the shared goals and values that define your relationship with your customers and prospects.

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