Product Sampling: How to use Samples to promote your Brand’s Products

Apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks

There’s always resistance to giving products away for free. You just never know if the end result will justify costs of the team building and the product itself. Product sampling isn’t a new concept however the concept still causes many problems for companies that make attempts. Typically you see food products as the face of product sampling in general. Small sample cups available at local stores, groceries or shops. Cosmetics have also seen a boost of popularity in the product sampling realm.

The business strategies of product sampling is changing and growing ever more complex. There are still more traditional in-store customer and distributor sampling that occurs but we’re seeing a mix of new creative strategies which are shaking things up.

Brands are testing out new outlets for product sampling. This is allowing for a great boost of creativity in the market place. Brands aren’t simply targeting customers, they’re targeting Customer Influencers. Think bloggers on a web-site with many subscribers relating to your product. Trend-setters or celebrities.

How to use Samples to promote your Product and Generate Sales:

Whatever the brand, you need to develop a clear understanding of why product sampling is going to be a necessary part of your marketing strategy.

Lets say you’re doing beverage marketing. What is it you’re trying to get across by sampling out your product to consumers? Taste and Experience.

Product Sampling Examples from BeCore

Here’s a product sampling campaign we did for Mike’s Harder Lemonade:

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Product Sampling and Product Marketing

If you’re marketing a sports performance product, demonstrate how the product can help your consumers perform, show them how comfortable the product is and how easy it is to use. Giving away a free product can be a great opportunity to collect an e-mail for a free product or follow the brand on social media. Consumers have no problem following your brand or giving our personal details if it’s for something they love that’s free!

Here’s a product sampling campaign we did for Let It Fly Performance



Take some time to spend with your consumers and allow them to customize their sample product with you. There’s nothing that a fan loves more than some collaborative behind the scenes creativity. Sit down with your consumer and have a conversation with them while you display why your product is great.

Check out this product sampling campaign we did for Teva

Product Sampling Strategies

Create an exchange rate for free products and product samples:



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