2000. The world has survived Y2K. Bill Gates leaves his position at Microsoft. Google turns one year old . iTunes debuts however there is no iPhone, facebook, Instagram or Twitter. And that’s when BeCore was founded. Mark Billik left his management position at The Cheesecake Factory to pursue a passion he discovered for creating events.

On the surface, BeCore has enjoyed the privilege of working with some of the most recognized brands in the world. And more importantly, we have created a culture that celebrates and encourages the entrepreneurial spirit, is inclusive, fosters genuine concern for the welfare of others and we get to demonstrate it every day on behalf of our brand partners, their audiences and our team members. 

Many companies employ the word ‘family’ when describing their firms. We are no different in this respect, however I’d like to share how we feel it is appropriate.

Families are often comprised of young ones learning and growing, traveling, falling in love, creating their own families, adopting pets, making mistakes, etc. Older family members often mentor the younger ones, sharing their wisdom, their failures, providing both support and freedom. Together they weather good times as well as challenging times. They have each other’s best interests at heart.

Over the past 20 years BeCore has been the first job for some. They learned many aspects of Experiential Marketing often “On the Job,” but also with the support of more experienced team members. I have enjoyed mentoring many of them and I believe they have enjoyed the education and experience. They have also faced and have overcome many challenges along the way. They developed relationships with various supplier partners, freelance personnel, and brand partners. They have also developed personal relationships. Had children. Moved away. Started their own businesses. Moved ‘back home’ by rejoining BeCore after leaving.

Some interesting notes about our family:

  •  11 have had babies 
  • 10 have met their significant other
  • 14 have gone on to start their own businesses
  • 14 dogs have accompanied our family members to the office over the years
  • The average tenure is 6 years (some only a couple of years, some for more than 14 years) despite the national average length of tenure for their segmentation being 3 years or less

These are the seminal events that families create.

It’s a beautiful and diverse group. Predominantly female (one of our three partners is a woman) and our family is 70% female ranging in ages from 19 – 60.

We have consisted of a group derived from different cultures:

  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Morocco
  • Lebanon
  • Mexico
  • Iran
  • Sierra Leone
  • Haiti
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • The Philippines
  • Mexico
  • Poland
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Slovenia

Friendships have formed while we have connected our clients with the communities they seek to connect with. Our company mission is to Celebrate and Strengthen Connection and Community. 

In celebration of our 20th Anniversary, over the coming months I will be sharing 20 of my favorite projects/moments from the past 20 years across our various social channels.

  1. Red Bull Moto GP RB Park in Monterey, CA
  2. Red Bull Stratos
  3. Nike SB Skatepark on a Barge
  4. 7 world records
  5. Red Bull London Double Decker bus, Airstream & Super SceniCruiser vehicles
  6. Zune LA
  7. Zune Live at the BBQ
  8. PUB G x Twitch live Stream with Deadmau5
  9. The Great Paper Airplane Project
  10. Underwater Rock Run in Hawaii
  11. Xbox Kinect Launch
  12. Nike 6.0 launch including Sum of 6, Chosen Tour and Motel No Tell
  13. Yurt
  14. El Clasico fan appreciation at Casa Clasico in MIami
  15. Freezer Karaoke Tour for Columbia Sportswear
  16. Xbox Halo Secret Speakeasy in Hollywood, CA
  17. 3 Red Bull Energy Stations – Storing, transporting, building, staffing and running them simultaneously
  18. ESPN x Red Bull New Year No Limits – Las Vegas twice and Long Beach once
  19. CBS Sports Network at Super Bowl 53
  20. Red Bull Motorsports Hospitality across F-1, Nascar, Supercross, Indy Car, Moto GP, Rookies Cup

What does the future hold? Another 20 years? No one knows, but I imagine more good times, a growing family of future entrepreneurs and mentors and contributors to the culture for the next generation. In the meantime, if you’re looking to connect with a community, we’ve got experience, 20 years of real experience.