Keeping It Real; Authenticity Always Reigns Supreme

In a conforming world, what is it that your brand stands for? How are you authentic? 

When building your messaging strategy, many times, young brands typically ask themselves what do the customers want? In the world we live in today, consumers value authenticity more than ever before, and it’s really the brand’s job to ensure that the messaging delivers on those values.

One of the bigger mistakes that some brands make is they shout too much about their product and restrict conversations about their company and the people who work there. Sometimes a brand’s most attractive qualities aren’t always the services it provides or offers its customers, but rather the experience that it’s providing for its customers.

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While maintaining a strong brand reputation is very important, consider forgoing absolute professionality for an honest perspective about your brand. There is more authenticity in a brand perspective that showcases the brand personality. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or your blog, these are great places to showcase your brand personality.

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Offer solutions for your customers based on how you address your own problems that may arise within your company

One way to keep brand authenticity is by offering solutions for your customers based on how you address your own problems that may arise. If you can identify your own business need or point of friction, chances are that there are other brands out there facing similar issues.

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Creating products and services which better serve customers, help for you to align with your customers becoming more relatable and reliable. In the technology vertical, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all for how customers use their products. This is where personalization can come in, tailoring solutions for your clients based on a knowledge and understanding of their business. This not only helps your customer by having a solution tailored to their needs but also helps you become a trusted partner for the long term.

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It’s not surprising to see the numbers on just how many messages about products we’re bombarded with on a daily basis. Even if your brand makes use of a unique and differentiated value proposition, content with this aim can easily get lost in the noise.

The best content marketing tactic is to standardize your messaging to be less product-centric and more about your brand mission. Perhaps it’s time to revise your brand’s mission statement. It can be a great way to reconnect with your underlying purpose and remind yourself why it is you really do this.

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Your customers are not robots. They want to receive a solid solution that gets them one step closer to achieving their business goals. The best kind of loyalty is long-term. Show them why you deserve a long-term relationship. Set yourself apart from your competitors by being honest and incorporate holistic conversations into your content strategy and brand narrative. Show off those fun and creative employees, keep the communication open, because after all, authenticity reigns supreme.

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