Why Nostalgia Marketing Works So Well, And How Your Brand Can Benefit

Why Nostalgia Marketing Works So Well

Nostalgia is in all of us. As the years go by we all develop a certain degree of nostalgia. Games we may have played, maybe it was the smell of the food, or the music we listened to. They all make us feel something.

Nostalgia Marketing

Why Nostalgia Marketing Works So Well

Marketing strategies aligning with consumer emotion have already proven to be successful. Tapping into memories can be an invaluable tactic. Especially for engaging millennials. Gaming, food, electronics, and everything else can engage users through nostalgia.

All sorts of industries are experimenting with marketing programs which use nostalgia to tap into their cultural memories from previous decades. Tapping into these memories can drive energy to modern campaigns. It doesn’t matter if you’re brining Colonel Sanders back to KFC or engaging gamers with new vintage consoles. Smart brands are maximizing nostalgia marketing and enjoying their results.

Nostalgia Marketing

Adobe brought fans back to the past for their heritage campaign at the annual Adobe Max Conference

Adobe Photoshop created a unique campaign to celebrate Adobe Photoshop’s 25th year heritage and build excitement around the release of the 2015 version of photoshop.

Adobe built four workstations from 90,94, and 15

Adobe created four separate photoshop workstations, from 1990, 1994, 2003, and 2015, built, using the technology of the time and decorated with the decor of the time. Users were able to sit down, work with old versions, listen to tunes from the time and take selfies. Featured technology included photoshop 1 on a mac classic from 1990 to a new, unreleased beta version of photoshop running on a Cintiq tablet.

Nostalgia campaigns work especially well with Millennials 

Why are these campaigns resonating so much with the millennial audience? Reliving positive memories and beloved icons from the past can feel good.  We’re all so busy with hectic work schedules, unrelenting responsibilities and more. Fond memories make us smile and that can leave us open to brand messaging.

Nostalgia Marketing

Marketing today is too impersonal. 

Today, digital consumes us. It’s very impersonal. Building a social connectedness through nostalgia is an easy way for brands to leverage optimistic feeling that often accompany our walks down memory lane. This strategy humanizes brands, forging meaningful connections between the past and present.

Brands that rush into these strategies usually will be seen out of touch or irrelevant. The perfect combination the past and present. The key is in creating an emotional hook using nostalgia while offering something new. Successful campaigns take a lot of work and without authenticity even the best plans will fail. The brands that succeed are the brands that keep their finger on the pulse of modern culture, listen to what people are talking about and plug those ideas to create new marketing opportunities.

The strongest marketing campaigns are timely, relevant and authentic.

The strongest marketing campaigns are timely, relevant and authentic. Ultimately they must have an emotional hook. Innately, human beings seek happiness, knowledge and exploration into something new and exciting. Nostalgia is an excellent way for brands to tap into interest and emotion.  Combining Nostalgia and Experiential Marketing will cover all your bases.

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