SIGGRAPH Los Angeles 2017: Virtual Reality Presentations

We’re very interested and passionate about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality so this year we went to SIGGRAPH and found it very enlightening.


SIGGRAPH is a non-profit international membership organization made up of thousands of people who share a passion for computer graphics and interactive techniques. ACM SIGGRAPH members are involved in a variety of fields, including computer graphics research, software development, digital art, scientific visualization, interactive technology, game design, visual effects, computer science, education, engineering, graphic design, film and television production, scientific research and more.

VR Interactions Presentation from SIGGRAPH 2017 Los Angeles

This course begins with the most fundamental aspects of VR interaction design that is essential for VR creators. The course also includes a broad overview of how attendees can apply the define-make-learn iterative design cycle to their own VR interfaces and projects.

Realities of VR Production Presentation at SIGGRAPH 2017

Build Your Own VR Display Presentation at SIGGRAPH 2017 Los Angeles
This review of the creative process using examples ranging from Hollywood VR to The New York Times examines VR photography and photogrammetric reality-capture techniques and explores the linkage between tried-and-true VFX trickery and the illusion of a virtual reality.

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