The Truth about Brands comes from Experience

Experiences generate awareness, they develop an emotional connection and develop positive emotions thus positive perceptions of a brand’s attributes and credibility, stimulating purchases.

There’s a universal truth that applies to us which comes from one of the principle fundamentals of psychology, we learn from experience. This same principle applies to marketing strategies. Essentially, the ways that a brand operates and the emotions that it evokes within us are vital to the ultimate perception we hold of the brand.

Experiential marketing provides an outlet for a brand to communicate emotionally with their consumers. Customer experiences with the brand trigger motivation more than any other channel of communication and instigates word of mouth. Brands that are fully capable of exciting or inspiring their audience have more strength with consumer marketing as they’re stimulating the decision making process as well as familiarizing their consumers with the brand.

Experiential marketing can guide preferences, and stimulate purchases for the long term. Brands that are interested in implementing these strategies should ask themselves these questions?

Is my brand exciting?
Is my brand exhilarating?
Is my brand fun?
Is my brand relaxing?
Is my brand stimulating?
Is my brand inspiring?
Is my brand ( Insert your ideal adjective here. )?

Which sort of associations are being made in the mind of consumers with your brand?

These questions will help you understand the experience in which to market your brand with. Which particular senses should stimulate the experience and how?


How will it make the consumers of feel during the experience? How will it impact them after the experience? What will the consumer take from the experience? Would those consumers want to use the brand?

Here’s some experiences we’ve built for clients:

Check out Nike’s floating barge built by BeCore. We built a monster skateboard park on a barge that was towed around to a bunch of locations in New York and docked all over the city.

We built a giant paper air plane for the Pima Air & Space Museum:

BeCore focuses on these strategies specifically and helps in identifying your brand’s core experiences and harnessing them for your consumers, and future consumers alike. BeCore is the Go-To Experiential Marketing Firm in Los Angeles, California for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Experiential marketing is so much more than simply throwing a party. You’re designing an experience for your consumer. Experiences in your brand are everywhere, you just have to identify them, and really think about how your brand wants to speak to it’s consumers.

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