Tips on Experiential Activations for Music Festivals

Music festivals are on the rise, across the globe. It seems that one of the only components of the music industry that are still thriving is the live-experiential aspect. Since 2010 the Globe has been seeing massive growth in the Music Festival Industry, new more exciting festivals are popping up every year, and the Music Festivals that had existed since prior are getting even more exclusive to get into.

Artists are embracing Brand Partnerships and appearances at Music Festival Event Activations more and more each year as it’s a more effective way to reach fans on a large-scale and brands to make stronger connections with audiences.

Did you know that 1 in every 10 Americans has attended a music festival in the last year? Following social media metrics we can also see that there has been an extremely positive spike in not only the frequency in which users post about music festivals but their social sentiment as well.

A guide to Experiential Activations at Music Festivals

Consumers are 36% likely to buy a particular brands product or service when they’ve experienced the brand first hand. Did you know that the most active verticals sponsoring music festivals in the United States are Beer, Spirits and Banks? Music festivals are definitely an exciting place for brands to be, but it can be expensive so you want to make sure that you plan accordingly.

PBJS published some data that segmented Festivals into three Tiers.

1.) Festivals that have 100,000 or more attendees. These are high profile festivals that will guarantee exposure to a diverse audience.




-Outside Lands

-Austin City Limits

-Governors Ball

-Movement Detroit (DEMF)

2.) 50k to 90k attendees. These are large distinct audiences.



-Fun Fun Fun Fest

3.) 30k attendees, will be more niche and local in nature.

-New York Folk Festival


-Afro Punk Festival in Brooklyn, NY

Focus on the main passions of the brand, integrate it throughout the entire festival experience, if possible. Provide some comforts for festival goers. Make it personal! Think of your brands festival experience as an annual reunion of the brand community.

Here’s some photos from some of our past Music Festival Event Activations!


Experiential Marketing Activations Experiential Marketing Activations

Teva Event Marketing at Bonaroo and Experiential Marketing Bonaroo with Teva Experiential Marketing Experiential Marketing Experiential Marketing at Bonaroo Teva Event Marketing at Bonaroo

If you have questions about experiential activations or brand activations at music festivals contact BeCore today! We’d love to discuss what’s possible with you today!