What’s a smile really worth?

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We believe in the value of smiles.

BeCore is a Los Angeles based Brand Experience agency on a mission to create smiles. Because we know the value that smiles deliver for both your brand and your business. And after decades designing and executing successful Experiential Marketing, Event Marketing, and Sports Marketing experiences for brands of all kinds, we’re pretty damn good at creating them.

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When we get it right, the Brand Experiences we design generate joy and stimulate real, spontaneous Smiles. Contagious Smiles. Memory-making Smiles. Smiles that deliver meaningful value for your brand and your business in many ways.

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"If they're not smiling, they're not buying."

— Advertising legend Sir John Hegarty's Greengrocer

Why Chicago Makes Us Smile.


This lake-side city is the HQ for a number of prominent, well-known names. Don’t be mistaken though; while Chicago provides a classic city feel, the companies that call it home are wide in variety. There’s Walgreens and Allstate, two nationwide lifestyle brands. Boeing and United Airlines both help you traverse the world and more. And for when you’re feeling more than American, there’s McDonalds and US Foods, which services numerous restaurants and eateries across the country.


The nickname “Windy City” implies the people might be cold, but the locals of Chicago are anything but. These proud city-dwellers are refreshing, outgoing, talkative, and friendly, truly embodying the warm, Midwestern-feel despite the freezing weather. You’ll find that this group is communal, tough, and go-getting, willing to do anything for their neighbors out of genuine kindness. Chicagoans are also cultured, diverse, and vibrant; the city will feel homey to anyone, just visiting or there to stay.


It goes without saying that Chicago has culture. It practically founded it. In fact, it’s the home of hip hop, gospel, jazz, and soul. The city has been a prominent figure in the performing arts and takes immense pride in cultivating creativity. Culturally, the city is diverse, and those unique features have fostered the perfect melting-pot. In addition to art and music, Chicago has been a huge influence in comedy, known for its improvisational comedy troupe Second City and the iO Theatre.


The tourist attractions of Chicago are both stunning and meaningful, which is why so many people adore visiting. The city takes pride in art and culture, as demonstrated by its number of museums. BeCore loves the Field Museum, Museum of Science and Industry, and the Alder Planetarium. For general sight-seeing, there’s Cloud Gate with the iconic Bean, Skydeck Chicago, Willis Tower, Millennium Park, and Lincoln Park Zoo. If you love the Cubs, catch a game at Wrigley Field too!


Chicago is in the perfect spot. Yeah, we said it. It’s a gorgeous lakefront city with towering buildings that overlook Lake Michigan. There more than enough to do here, even during sub-zero temperatures in the winter season. There are parks on every corner, families out constantly, and a seemingly small, cutesy-feel to this large city. Only a short drive from Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan, you’ll never run out of places to go when Chicago is home.


You may not be able to eat the Chicago Bean, but that doesn’t mean the city is limited in edible options! Naturally, there’s Chicago-style, deep-dish pizza. If you’ve tried it anywhere else, it doesn’t count. Once you’ve started there though, it’s time to adventure beyond a pie to Chicago-style hot dogs, popcorn, and Italian beef sandwiches. There’s also jibaritos, fried chicken dinner, and a variety of old-fashioned Chicago doughnuts, all with your name written on it.

We love what we do, and that passion comes through in every interaction.

For us, at the core of it all are genuine, joyful Smiles. Because those Smiles are worth so much. And we’re pretty damn good at creating them.

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