Alaska Airlines Care Retreat


Cultivating compassion at the Care Retreat

In Seattle, WA, BECORE crafted a respite for Alaska Airlines’ guest-facing staff with the Care Retreat. This series of events provided a sanctuary for employees to reconnect, recharge, and rediscover their dedication to service excellence.


Revitalizing the workforce post-pandemic

Alaska Airlines aimed to rejuvenate its workforce, particularly those in customer service roles affected by the pandemic. The objective was to create an environment that fostered recovery and renewed enthusiasm for service.


Reigniting the spirit of hospitality

BECORE's approach involved organizing retreats strategically designed to encourage employee engagement, bolster morale, and reinforce the company's commitment to care.

BECORE orchestrated a comprehensive program that provided employees with workshops, wellness activities, and team-building experiences, all aligned with Alaska Airlines' brand ethos of heartfelt service.


The resurgence of service spirit


110K+ hours of employee connection


75 events over a period of 8 months


14,000+ employee attendees (est.)

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