Amazon Prime Day PUBG


Revolutionizing Prime Day with virtual battles

For the thrill of Amazon Prime Day, BECORE and Amazon Twitch joined forces to convert a sprawling warehouse into an electrifying live battleground, engaging 1000 participants in an immersive PUBG tournament streamed across the globe.


Engineering an Esports extravaganza

Amazon sought to captivate the gaming community on Prime Day by providing an event that blended the virtual and physical worlds, crafting an interactive experience that would resonate with gamers and spectators alike.


Animating the arena of digital warriors

BECORE's strategy was to orchestrate an environment that mirrored the adrenaline-fueled world of PUBG, equipping the space with game-themed props and activities that brought the game's intensity to life.

Capitalizing on the appeal of live music, BECORE amplified the gaming atmosphere with a sensational performance by Deadmau5, ensuring the event vibrated with energy both in-game and on the dance floor.


Triumph in the Twitch Arena


One Deadmau5 performance


16 teams fighting for victory


10% growth in Twitch followers

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Setting the Stage for Travel Titans

The Points Guy Award Show 2023

TPG’s goal for a 2023 event was to deliver every guest a premium experience that brings the TPG brand to life and allows them to learn and be inspired.

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