CBS Sports Kellogg’s Mission Tiger


Championing youth sports in Philadelphia

For an impactful community event, BECORE teamed up with CBS Sports and Kellogg’s Mission Tiger to deliver an extraordinary sporting surprise to middle school football teams in Philadelphia, offering new gear, a star encounter, and a generous donation to the school district.


Reviving school sports programs

The challenge was orchestrating an event that supported local sports teams, galvanized community spirit, and inspired the youth through an unforgettable experience.


Creating an athletic wonderland

BECORE devised a multifaceted event strategy that included unveiling new sports equipment and attire, organizing an exclusive meet-and-greet with Jalen Hurts, and highlighting Kellogg’s significant donation, all in the spirit of community upliftment.

The strategy focused on creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for young athletes, fostering a love for sports, and emphasizing the importance of community support in nurturing young talent.


Scoring big for Philadelphia schools


$100K donated to the school district


18 pieces of content produced 


One experience of a lifetime

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Setting the Stage for Travel Titans

The Points Guy Award Show 2023

TPG’s goal for a 2023 event was to deliver every guest a premium experience that brings the TPG brand to life and allows them to learn and be inspired.

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