CBS Sports Network Super Bowl 53


Elevating the game day experience

At the Super Bowl in Atlanta, BECORE took the fan experience to new heights, crafting a virtual skydiving adventure for CBS Sports Network that allowed fans to soar above the city and into the stadium with the game ball in hand—a thrilling 4D encounter.


Transforming spectators into skydivers

The challenge laid out for BECORE was to break the bounds of traditional sports viewership, merging technology and sports to create an immersive event that would enthrall CBS Sports Network's audience and redefine the game day experience.


Synthesizing sports with sensation

BECORE’s strategy involved deploying a state-of-the-art 4D virtual reality setup that simulated skydiving with visceral authenticity, with visuals, sounds, and realistic wind effects to simulate an actual skydiving experience.

The aim was to ensure the virtual skydive was not just a spectacle but an interactive fan experience, allowing Super Bowl attendees to feel the rush of diving into one of the most significant sports events of the year.


The adrenaline of the Super Bowl


One unforgettable Super Bowl


Two-hour lines to virtually skydive


2,730 Virtual Reality experiences

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