Microsoft X-BOX NBA 
All-Star Weekend


Styling the gaming scene

BECORE partnered with Microsoft XBOX to create an exclusive barber shop and gaming lounge, delivering an authentic NBA experience that blended grooming with gaming. This distinctive setup allowed visitors to enjoy a fresh cut from celebrity barbers while diving into the latest XBOX games.


Crafting a cut above the rest

The objective was to merge lifestyle and leisure, appealing to players, influencers, and fans by offering a fresh way to engage with the XBOX brand beyond the console.


A game plan for grooming and gaming

BECORE’s strategy was multifaceted, focusing on delivering high-quality barber services in tandem with hands-on gaming sessions. This approach was designed to create a memorable experience that resonated well within the gaming and sports community.

The event was curated to elevate the NBA fan experience, offering haircuts by celebrity barbers like Jay Majors (@jaymajors) and Marcus Harvey (@themarcusharvey), and the opportunity to test out the newest XBOX One X games.


Buzz cuts and buzz feeds


Three-day immersive event


75M impressions across social media


141M impressions via traditional media

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