Mike’s Harder Tour


The nationwide festival sensation

Mike's HARDER Lemonade set out to electrify music festivals across the country. With BECORE at the helm, the brand offered attendees an immersive experience to enjoy their favorite tunes, taste the bold flavors of HARDER beverages, and indulge in the unique thrills of a festival-optimized lounge.


Amplifying the festival vibe

The challenge was to transport the exuberant essence of Mike's HARDER into the hearts of festival-goers nationwide, creating a branded experience as unforgettable as the music and bold as the beverage itself.


Turning refreshment into entertainment

BECORE devised a strategy to blend relaxation with revelry, constructing an outdoor lounge that featured a mechanical shark ride and ensuring that the music never stopped with an on-site DJ, embodying the fun-loving spirit of Mike's HARDER.

The engagement was vital, and BECORE incentivized social media interaction by offering exclusive HARDER swag for posts tagged with the event's branded hashtag, effectively turning each attendee into a brand ambassador.


A toast to festival success


1,700+ mechanical shark rides


Over 18,000 samples were distributed


Over 236,000 guests were served

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Elevating the Game Day Experience

CBS Sports Network Super Bowl 53

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