Nike Holistic Fitness


Sculpting the ambassadors of holistic fitness

Set against the serene backdrop of Carefree, AZ, BECORE crafted an invigorating 3-Day Wellness Retreat to inaugurate the new 100 Nike Well Collective Trainers, embracing the broadened scope of Nike's redefined Fitness and Training category.


Engaging the wellness warriors

Nike aspired to introduce their freshly minted Nike Well Collective Trainers from New York and Los Angeles to the Nike family. The challenge was designing an authentic welcome that immersed them in the holistic lifestyle of Holistic Fitness that Nike advocates.


Tailoring the transformation experience

BECORE's strategic prowess was tested as we fashioned an intricate journey focused on Nike's five pillars of Holistic Fitness: Movement, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Rest, and Connection, ensuring a multi-dimensional experience. With personalized care at the core, BECORE meticulously curated every detail of the Nike Well Collective Trainer Exchange—from individual meal plans to custom Nike Product drops, ensuring a holistic approach to wellness.


Inspiring a fitness renaissance


Three days of holistic fitness


Over 15 programmed experiences


130+ event VIP attendees

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Scoring with Style & Substance

Nike Hall of Phenom

Nike wanted to harness the global anticipation for the World Cup and use it to create a localized experience that would resonate with New York's soccer community.

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