Red Bull Gaming Trailer Tour


Gaming on the go, Red Bull’s mobile frontier

Red Bull doesn't just give you wings; they also provide you with event vehicles to showcase the brand. BeCore helped design, build, and operate their Red Bull Gaming Trailer Tour, where visitors entered a mobile branded experience featuring arcade, video, and hands-on games.


Delivering an immersive gaming atmosphere

BECORE faced the challenge of launching the Red Bull Gaming Trailer Tour, a nationwide mobile experience designed to captivate audiences with a mix of arcade, video, and interactive games. Red Bull wanted to create an immersive environment that emphasized their brand.


Weaving the brand into cultural events

BECORE launched the Red Bull Gaming Trailer Tour, a mobile gaming spectacle with twelve event vehicles embodying the Red Bull essence through interactive games and music. This strategy integrated the brand into cultural events nationwide, captivating audiences and generating over 12.5 million impressions.

BECORE's approach demonstrated a harmonious blend of creativity and strategic planning, creating impactful experiences that resonated broadly.


An activation worth road-tripping for


Managed twelve custom vehicles


Conducted 115 events over a year


Drove 12.5M impressions

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