Red Bull


What we did for

Red Bull

Red Bull doesn't just give you wings, but they also give you Event Vehicles to showcase the brand. BeCore helped design, build and operate their Red Bull Gaming Trailer Tour, where visitors entered a mobile branded experience featuring arcade, video, and hands-on games.

Crowds couldn't help but be attracted to the experience, complete with Red Bull ambassadors, red carpet, and an LED tunnel entrance.

The event cars' interiors were specifically designed for fun, including gaming stations that transported guests to an indoor arcade.

Most unforgettable was that these events didn’t stop here: each Red Bull vehicle was available for a winning guest's party!

Roadside Impressions







Activation worth road-tripping for.

The nationwide tour allowed for over 12.5 million impressions over the course of a year, proudly spreading the Red Bull name to people everywhere.

Year-round and nationwide.

Additionally, we managed twelve custom event vehicles that elevated existing cultural moments by bringing in a mobile DJ station, video game consoles, TV monitors, lights and energy.