How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact The Event Industry

I’m sure you’ve been hearing all the buzz surrounding the recent popularity of artificial intelligence. Companies have been making massive investments across the world into artificial intelligence. There is plenty of information that’s been published in technology journals about the promises it wishes to deliver, and the fears people have associated with A.I.

So how will artificial intelligence impact the event industry?

Help Eliminate Lines for Consumers


Nobody likes long lines. It doesn’t matter how cool your experience is, if by the time your attendee gets to it, they’re upset. AI can help speed up event check in. Due to the fact that A.I can recognize individuals in a line, they can reference their face with their registration and guide them through the line faster. AI can eliminate processes which normally created event space constriction which ultimately creates a better experience for the attendee.

Event Security


Sometimes, there aren’t always security guards at your event. In the past, I have experienced people stealing items from an event space. A.I can help to identify threats and notify team members before they happen.

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Brands be will investing in AI


Brands care about communicating with consumers and sometimes there are certain barriers which prevent this. Artificial Intelligence can help eliminate many barriers, such as language, ordering products, customer support information, and much more. Brands will be investing heavily in artificial intelligence as it will be an essential tool for improving the consumer experience.

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Interface-free Experiences


With easier to access conversation interfaces, as compared to apps which you have to download and setup prior to use, artificial intelligence is going to eliminate the friction between you brand and the consumer.

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AI Match Making


Lets say you visit a really big conference, with over 20,000 people. What’s the best way to identify potential matches for networking? Artificial intelligence can take available registrant data and organize the best possible match combinations creating rich networking experiences for attendees.

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Artificial Intelligence will monitor sentiment passively


Most companies find out what’s working and what’s not from a survey that they ask attendees or customers after the time of engagement. AI will take out all the work of needing to ask consumers what they felt about it. Which will create a new found honesty and transparency for brands in terms of feedback. AI can monitor multiple metrics on social media, facial recognition and flow.

Artificial Intelligence brings levels of personalization never before seen in event marketing


Imagine attending a large networking event in New York City. Sometimes conferences will match you with other attendees automatically to help with networking. Most of the time these match makers are too far off, creating bad matches at event.

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Save on temporary staff costs


New Technologies are being developed which will allow brands to automatically check in attendees, identify problems, manage employees, handle communication and customer support with chatbots. With A.I handling all these tasks the need for temporary staff lowers, lowering costs.

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AI can identify problems before they start / Anticipatory computing


Using anticipatory computing, AI can notify your team when you’re going to run out of cups, product samples, boose, if your brand ambassadors are too busy and missing potential customers, it can identify when, and where you could experience trouble. This will be an extremely useful technology for event producers in the field who have to focus on so many components simultaneously.

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