Mission Critical: The Event Attendee Hierarchy of Needs

Whether or not you took Event Psychology in your college days you probably heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a theory of the human motivations model proposed by A. Maslow. Essentially it states that human needs are arranged in a hierarchy, starting with basic needs to survival and progressing to self-actualization. We’re just here to apply the same thinking to the experiential marketing world.

Physiological Needs ( air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sleep )

The lower level of needs must be fulfilled before one can move to the next level. Physiological needs, like air, food, drink, and shelter come first. Think about it, a meeting room or event hall, should have a decent temperature in the air and good ventilation, make sure the room temperature is adjusted so that everyone is comfortable in the environment you’re in. Even though food isn’t always required it’s usually a crowd pleaser and a good way to stay in the minds and hearts of your fellow business people. Make sure you’ve got a wireless internet connection, you don’t want any difficulties sharing the buzz.

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Safety ( protection, security, order, law, freedom from fear)

People often feel nervous when they go to an unfamiliar place. Help your attendees relax by showing them that there is enough guidance to help when they need it. Show attendees that they’re cared for right from the starting point of queuing for check in through a exchange of greetings.  Go the extra mile by providing maps, directories, transportation and ushers. Make sure everything is taken care of for your attendees so that they have the ultimate experience at your next event.


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Love and Belonging (friendship, intimacy, affection, love)

Be sure to facilitate activities that deepen relationships among attendees. You can choose to include attendee bios in the name badges or perhaps in the event application itself. Arrange seating in a way that encourages interaction. Icebreakers like games and discussions are very effective options for most event planners. Sensing belonging can also go a long ways for event planners. Create a social wall that will allow attendees to post and share their personal experience with others.

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Esteem ( achievement, status, respect from peers )

Human beings require recognition of their achievements. These are very serious needs but not easy to fulfill. Imagine holding a big event with hundreds to perhaps thousands of attendees. How on Earth can you make sure that everyone feels recognized, honored and respected? Not possible right? It’s totally achievable. Always ask for attendees to contribute to the event itself. Questions, answers, social media content, and broadcasting, there are always ways to get contributions from attendees and as a result self-esteem is built.

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Self Actualization (realization of potential, self-fulfillment, personal growth)

People always come to events expecting to leave with inspiration, knowledge that improves their lives and transformational experiences. It doesn’t matter how great you are. They only care about how great they could become after attending your event. If you give them something that changes their lives for the better, that’s the ultimate give-back. Personal growth is a process. Give your attendees a way to share their personal growth with their audience and they will.

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