Food is bringing the flavor to experiential marketing activations. From Donut walls, to selfie pancakes we’ve got you covered.

Food has come a long way in experiential marketing…Now, thanks to the foodie culture and the food porn phenomenon, and wellness trends happening online,–what attendees at events eat and drink is often just as important as the brand messaging.

Here are some examples of what brands are doing with food in experiential marketing:

Baskin Robbins Created The Flavor Slingshot


The Nutella Breakfast Party on Santa Monica Pier 

Over a series of (2) days, we supported in the production of (3) social media clips all revolving around spreading happiness in LA through Nutella. For our first production, we secured the film permits and location release for a small café in Culver City that used Nutella in their everyday menu. We used this restaurant as the set for a fun cook-off between the 2016 and 2017 Chief Nutella Ambassadors. Our second and third productions were both set at the iconic Santa Monica Pier. After securing all city, film and location permits for the shoot in less than 2 weeks, we spent the first half of the day filming a promo called “Acts of Happy”. Here we had the 2017 Chief Nutella Ambassador roam the pier and ask strangers to perform random acts of happy to be captured on film.

Wendy’s Experiential Food Truck

A completely customized food truck equipped with Wendy’s bubblers & brewers hit the road Memorial Day weekend to launch the tour. Brand ambassadors interacted with consumers and sampled the new Mango Peach & Strawberry Passionfruit FruiTea Chillers flavors. The tour included both guerrilla style sampling locations and pre-scheduled events such as NYPD Harmony Day Picnic and the New Jersey Sandcastle Contest.

“Instagram Packs”

Some restaurants are even supplying patrons with food, “Instagram packs” to help diners snap its menu items in the best light. The kits offered contain a camera light, a multi device charger, a wide angle camera lens and a tripod over those hard to reach overhead table shots.

When it comes to play, look no further than the Museum of Ice Cream viral experience that showed up in New York City last summer, Los Angeles this summer and will hit San Francisco in September, to see how much consumers like to have fun with their foods.

The museum’s signature experience is a tiled pool with a diving board filled with sprinkles. Prime space for selfies and multi-sensory delights.


Ben & Jerry’s created a giant cereal bowl pool for their launch in Grand Central Terminal, attendee’s could leap into the pool for sharable photos on social media.

Food has began to transform into an engagement, much like Holiday Inn Express’ pancake selfie tour that highlighted its breakfast offerings by burning a consumer’s likeness into a delicious flapjack.

Have you ever seen a donut wall? It’s one of the most delicious looking things you can decorate a space with, trust me.

Donut walls have appeared in PlayStation’s E3 booth, at the Adobe Max Conference and it’s even beginning to be a hot trend for weddings. Sign me up.

Beverages are even seeing experiential marketing activations

Even beverages are making a splash in experiential, from automated robotic cocktail bartenders, to coffee bars, to craft cocktails there’s a always a tasty experience right around the corner.

Check out the world’s record breaking birthday cake that Mike’s created to celebrate it’s 17th birthday, with 51,500 birthday candles.

Palm Breeze held their very own fashion show at Santa Monica’s Viceroy Hotel allowing attendees to take selfies with Shay Mitchell, get

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